Our earliest age group, the SONRAYS, is the perfect setting for infants ages 6 weeks to approximately 12 months. 

At ICCC, we strive to provide an infant program that is age-appropriate and promotes the creation of a warm, loving, home-like environment and schedule.  The infant group will remain separate from the older children at the center.

The Sonrays room holds a maximum of 8 infants with a child to staff ratio of 4:1.  Located directly next to the office, there is always someone ready to lend a hand with the little ones!  Included in the tuition are all meals and snacks.  ICCC will provide formula of the parent's preference at no additional charge.  We encourage keeping the home and daycare routines on the same schedule as to provide the best care to your child.  We ask you first introduce new foods to your infant, following which we will continue with the foods your child has tried. 

ICCC welcomes you as a parent to call or visit your child at any time during the day.  We are a breast-feeding friendly facility and will make necessary accommodations if you choose to come in for feedings.  If you choose to provide your own home-made infant food, we remind you that we are a peanut-free facility and strawberry products are prohibited in the Sonrays room due to the overwhelming increase in allergies. 

Upon your child's first day in the Sonrays room, we ask the parent to please provide the following:  diapers, wipes, at least two changes of clothing, a blanket (if your child has one they require for sleeping and comforting), three-four clean bottles are to be brought in daily and taken home each day to be cleaned.  Please label your bottles as several parents opt for the same brand/design.   We encourage the parent to bring their child's belongings in a bag labeled with the his/her name.  Please no stuffed animals or plastic grocery bags as these are deemed a suffocation/choking hazard.  If you would like to bring in extra diapers and wipes we are more than happy to label and store these items for your children as we change the infants as needed and/or every two hours. 


We provide a "daily sheet" for your child, in order to further communicate your his/her daily activities.  Your child's teacher will track diaper changes, meals and meal times, nap times, and any additional comments needed to keep you informed.  These forms are also beneficial for the parents to inform the teachers of important information such as when the child has last slept or ate, as well as who will be picking up your child and his/her departure time. 

In order to provide a more in depth look into your child's daily endeavors, we also provide an "infant weekly activity sheet".  These are another way we can relay what exercises your infant has participated in throughout the day/week.   These include, but are not limited to: tummy time, book reading, singing songs (you can hear child friendly music playing most of the day!), and of course floor time with your little ones.  Our teachers and teacher assistants recognize the importance of being at the same level as the child and strongly encourage learning through means of play.
Once your little angel becomes more mobile , we begin the transition to the older infant room- The SONRISE Room. 
Iccc Director,
Aug 18, 2016, 10:28 AM