Our Sonrise room provides care to infants approximately  ages 10 months to 18 months.  Once he/she becomes more mobile, we begin the transition to the older infant room.   
Similar to the younger infant room (Sonrays), the Sonrise room     
has a child to staff ratio of 4:1 with a maximum of 8 infants.  This allows our infant teacher and teacher assistant to focus on the development of each child as they begin to explore his/her new found capabilities. 
In the Sonrise room, we will continue to promote healthy physical, social, and cognitive skills with your little angel.  Child friendly music including finger plays and sing-a-longs, as well as age appropriate activities and toys will enhance your child's everyday experience. 
At ICCC we provide well-balanced, healthy meals at breakfast, lunch, and snack time.  We adhere to the  Child and Adult Care Food Program requirements as well as follow any parental guidelines set forth.  We believe that meals should be more than just "feeding time".  Our staff join the children as a group at the table and actively engage the children as they enjoy their meals. 

The staff are continually interacting with the children whether it be play time or diapering.  Additionally, verbal skills and sign language are constantly being encouraged.  When visiting the Sonrise room, you will be welcomed into a warm, family oriented environment.