Toddlers- Soncatchers

Our Soncatchers room is designed especially for our oldest toddlers ranging from approximately 2 years to 3 years old.


Staff provides “a hands-on” approach to learning through structured activities and free play. Classroom equipment provides our toddlers the opportunity to improve their fine motor and gross motor skills as well as their cognitive abilities.

Circle time and daily activities encourage your toddler's sense of independence while creating a warm, accepting environment with his/her peers. Circle time provides the opportunity for your toddlers to practice their listening and speaking skills while continuing their knowledge of the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes.  

The Soncatchers room holds a maximum of 12 toddlers with a child to staff ratio of 5:1. Our daily sheet known as the “Toddler Times” will help to communicate each child’s daily routine with his/her parent. These sheets will enable parents to monitor activities their child has participated in, daily learning themes, meals consumed, and progress with potty training.

Daily routines in the Soncatcher room are designed to be consistent as well as flexible. 
Once your children turn three years old, they are progressed to the Sonflower Seeds/Sonflowers classroom where they continue to grow and learn in a fun, loving and creative atmosphere.