Toddlers- Sonshines

Toddlers are full of wonder and curiosity. Our Sonshine Room teachers will foster your children’s desire to discover as well support their need for independence. Your child will be able to explore in an environment which makes him/her feel safe and secure.

Our Sonshine Room introduces potty training to your child and positive reinforcement throughout the entire experience. We understand potty training can be a frustrating time to parents and we strive to alleviate these frustrations. We encourage parent involvement to aide you in making your child excited about his/her bathroom experiences in both our care and in your home.  

As in the other classrooms, your child’s daily activities will be noted. Such activities consist of meals eaten, diaper changes/attempts at pottying, nap/rest times as well as your child’s general mood for the day.
At this young toddler age, your child’s personality is in full bloom and each day we will acknowledge your child’s individual needs, likes and dislikes and cater to his/her individuality.
Our Sonshine Room will provide your child with his/her first sense of structured learning. The classroom devotes time throughout the day to increase your child’s knowledge of the world around him/her. This learning comes through dramatic play, arts and crafts, story time, talk about shapes and colors or even the simple creation of a castle with building blocks.