We invite you to attend this year's workshop!

Global stakeholders have greatly accelerated development of advanced methods for assessing chemical exposure, biological activity, and risk. However, complex chemical substances and mixtures still present challenges in evaluations used to support regulatory and product-stewardship decisions.

This workshop will explore these challenges, along with successes, strategies, and next steps in utilizing modern methods to evaluate complex chemical substances.

This year’s workshop is co-organized by the International Council of Chemical Associations’ Long-Range Research Initiative (ICCA-LRI) and the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC).

The annual ICCA-LRI workshops bring together international representatives from industry, academia, and governmental and non-governmental organizations to address issues of mutual interest in chemical safety. The workshop agenda will include plenary speakers, panel discussions, and a poster session highlighting relevant research. 

There is no fee to register or participate in this workshop.