Workshop presentations, posters, and post-workshop materials are now available here. Please reach out to the workshop coordinator at with any questions regarding these materials.

Please find below a collection of workshop materials.

Biographies for Key Participants  Brief biographies for speakers, chairs, facilitators, panelists, and Organizing Committee members.

List of Registrants  A list of workshop registrants; includes name, affiliation, country, and email address.

Organizing Committee Roster — A list of organizing committee members; includes their name, affiliation, country, and email address.

Poster Session Abstracts  A list of posters presented at the conference and their accompanying abstracts.

Suggested Reading List  A list of references recommended by workshop key participants.

Session VI Handout  Handout for Session IV panel discussion "Establishing Scientific Confidence in New Approach Methods (Reflections on Uncertainties)"

PLETHEM Training Agenda  The training agenda for the optional Population Life-Course Exposure to Health Effects Model (PLETHEM).

PLETHEM Software Installation Instructions  Instructions for downloading necessary software for the PLETHEM training.

Friday Activities  A brief guide to Ottawa tourist activities with specific suggestions for events occuring the weekend of June 23-24.

ICCA-LRI Brochure  A brochure describing the activities of the three ICCA-LRI programs: Cefic, ACC, and JCIA.