Recent advancements in new technologies for chemical safety assessment have catalyzed the development of pilot applications. If sufficient scientific confidence can be established through these pilot applications, the new technologies offer considerable promise for their use to assess chemical safety.

This workshop will critically review outcomes from ongoing pilot applications as the foundation for a discussion of future approaches and their potential value for advancing chemical evaluations. Workshop sessions will lead to a discussion on linking current knowledge with future thinking and on increasing confidence in the use of the new technologies and their data streams for chemical safety assessment and for decision making. 

This year's workshop is co-organized by the International Council of Chemical Associations' Long-Range Research Initiative (ICCA-LRI) and Japan's National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) and endorsed by Japan's National Institute for Environmental Studies and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. We invite you to attend!

The workshop will feature four concurrent sessions:

  • Session 1: New Approaches for Weight-of-Evidence Decision Making for PBTs and POPs Compared to Criteria-Based Approaches.
  • Session 2: Emerging Environmental Issues: Case Studies and Solutions Catalyzed by International Cooperation.
  • Session 3: Challenges in Read-Across and Building Confidence for Use in Decision Making.
  • Session 4: Enhancing Integration of Mechanistic Understanding in Epidemiology to Better Determine Causality.

Optional Pre-Workshop Educational Courses will be held one day prior to the start of the workshop. During the workshop, a poster session will highlight relevant research. There is no registration fee for this workshop.

Workshop Registration Has Closed.