Assessing the safety of chemicals is better achieved by incorporating input from many scientific disciplines. The International Council of Chemical Associations' Long-Range Research Initiative (ICCA-LRI) in collaboration with the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) invites you to its 2014 workshop. It will focus on approaches to advance chemical safety assessment through integration of information from multiple scientific areas with the goal to improve development of regulatory policies that ensure the safe use of chemicals.

The workshop will include plenary speakers and panel sessions to address the following topic areas: 
  • Mechanisms of Toxicity - How can integration of knowledge from human toxicology and ecotoxicology inform our understanding of mechanisms of toxicity and adverse outcome pathways?
  • Exposure Science - How can innovative approaches in exposure science provide the data needed to appropriately assess the safety of chemicals?
  • Epidemiology - What is needed to advance epidemiological studies regarding associations between chemical exposures and adverse outcomes and better inform decision making about chemical safety?
A poster session will highlight relevant research. If you would like to submit an abstract for a poster, please indicate your interest when you register. There is no registration fee for this workshop.