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Environmental Management

Environmental management system

ISO 14001 is the standard for environmental management and it is the basis for establishing, introducing, monitoring and improving environmental management systems. It implements the protection of the environment systematically in the management, thus environmental management as supplement and development of a codified environmental protection. The benefit of an environmental management system is not only idealistic (e.g higher motivation of employees, better image) but also clearly material due to cost reduction because of reduced consumption of raw materials. The standards demands the compliance of the obligations a company established within its own environmental policy, which must include the compliance with the applicable legal and other requirements.


Target of the standard: Continual improvement. ISO 14001 is an effective instrument for a company to systematically monitor environmental impacts and to continuously improve the environmental situation. The number of incidents will be reduced by evaluating environmental risks and by establishing emergency plans.


For whom?: For every company no regardless of size or industry-sector



  • A certification according to ISO 14001 helps a company to demonstrate its environmental friendly behavior
  • A certified environmental management system according to ISO 14001 is internationally recognized
  • The environmental management system allows the identification and elimination of error sources
  • Revelation of rationalization potential
  • Improvement of legal certainty and
  • Calculability of liability risks
  • The standard requires a continual improvement of the environmental management system