Welcome to the IcAUMS 2016 in Tainan, Taiwan

Deadline for Summer School applications is extended to May 20, 2016

The 4th International Conference of Asian Union of Magnetics Societies (IcAUMS 2016) will be held in Tainan , Taiwan from Aug. 1 to 5, 2016.
The aims of this symposium are to bring together scientists and engineers working on magnetic materials and their applications. The meeting will be held in a casual and interactive setting which will provide the participants privileged opportunities for refreshing knowledge base and updating research skills, and for networking and developing collaborations in the following topics.

                                                                         Topics :

1.Fundamental Properties  & Computational Magnetism 

2.Spintronic Materials and Devices      

3.Magnetic Recording  

4.Magnetic Thin Films and Nanostructure    

5.Nanoparticles and Bio-magnetism     

6.Magnetic Materials Applications(sensors, motors, RF devices)

7.Soft/Hard Magnetic Materials

8. Functional Magnetic Materials and others

Your participation in the forum would greatly contribute to the success of this unique event, and we look forward to meeting you in Tainan.

Important Dates :

 Abstract Submission Begins

 January 01, 2016 

 Deadline for Motors Abstract Submission

 March 31, 2016 

 Abstract Acceptance Notification

 April 15, 2016 

 Motors Abstract Acceptance Notification

 April 22, 2016 

 Deadline for Pre-registration

 June 28, 2016 

 Full-paper Submission

 August 6 to August 20

A big earthquake hit Taiwan on Feb. 6th, especially in the south part.
It caused damages in the suburbs of Tainan.
Fortunately, the conference site (National Cheng Kung University) and downtown of Tainan were nearly unaffected.
The schedule of conference will be the same as planned.

Hosted By : 

The Asian Union of Magnetics Societies (AUMS)

Taiwan Association for Magnetic Technology (TAMT)

Magnetics Society of Japan

The Korean Magnetics Society

Chinese Society of Magnetic Materials and Applications

Magnetics Society of India

National Tsing Hua University

National Cheng Kung University


Sponsored By : 

Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs of R.O.C. (Taiwan)

Ministry of Science and Technology, R.O.C. (Taiwan)

Technical Co-Sponsored By :

 IEEE Industry Applications Society