Introduction to Restorative Practices and Using Circles

Introduction to Restorative Practices explores the principles and skills that build and sustain high-quality relationships between and among students, teachers, administrators, and parents.  One example is the systematic use of affective language to promote the free and appropriate expression of emotion as a means of de-escalating problem situations.  

Using Circles Effectively explains the circle process, identifies different types of circles and their purposes, outlines steps to prepare for holding circles, and demonstrates how to facilitate circles.  

Consequently it is highly recommended that the two trainings be taken together in order to achieve the best outcomes with students and staff.

We have already been able to schedule the trainings.  Intro to Restorative Practices will be held on Feb. 22, and Using Circles will be on Feb. 23, at the Child Nutrition Center, main conference room, #32.   The time is tentatively set from 7:30 am - 2:45 pm, because most of the schools participating are secondary.  

Given that there are no more professional staff development days this semester and that testing is fast approaching, we propose that each school send a representative team of 4 - 6 persons.  It is suggested that the team include 1 administrator or designee, 1 core teacher, 1 school counselor, plus at least one other staff member such as a PBIS chairperson, TOR moderator, ancillary teacher, instructional support person, or paraprofessional.  School team members will be expected to begin piloting Restorative Practices and Circles at their schools and tracking outcomes. 

Only the team leader needs to complete the registration form below.  Each team member will also need to register through ERO.

Trainers: Maureen Laurent, Rosalind Wright

Don't forget to register with ERO.

Restorative Practices/Circles Training Registration

Don't forget to register with ERO.