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Restorative Practices

I CARE supports the use of Restorative Practices and Dialogue Circles as a way to positively impact school and class climate, address behavior and decision making challenges, and reduce antisocial behavior such as substance abuse and bullying.

The video below provides an example of how Restorative Dialogue Circles can enhance instruction and improve classroom climate.

Restorative Circles in a Classroom Setting

Using Dialogue Circles to Support Classroom Management.mp4

Used effectively, Restorative Practices and Dialogue Circles can accomplish the following in a school environment.

The document serves as a general template for counselors, support personnel and classroom teachers who want to use Restorative Circles to facilitate conversation and discussion of serious situations such as school and community-wide traumatic events. 

Additional Resources

For more information on Restorative Practices and Circles please click the link below: