Price Per Unit: $25.00 (for orders/requests outside I CARE tax district) 

This educational supplement is based upon the inspirational memoir “8/23” by author Tiffany Averette-Treadway. It provides an excellent example of how tragedy can become triumph for a teenage girl growing up on the west bank of New Orleans. The book is a short read, making it ideal for use with young people. This series of lessons and activities is designed to be used by classroom teachers, prevention specialists, counselors, specialists in education, and other educators in individual sessions, small groups, or classroom settings, to examine the impact of grief, develop skills and resilience related to loss, and facilitate healthy recovery through discussion, peer support, and self-examination.  Supplement designed by I CARE Specialist Tanya Griffin with assistance from Healthy Minds coordinator Sarah Bologninio.

The "8/23" kit is includes a copy of the book 8/23, educational supplement, handouts,  and posters.

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