Welcome to I CARE’s Online Library.

The I CARE Library exists to provide resources in substance abuse, violence, and mental health to educators and community members in the East Baton Rouge Parish School tax district. Specifically, the library is for employees of East Baton Rouge public schools, non-public and private/parochial schools, and individuals who work in the service industry with an organizational address within the tax district.

You may visit the I CARE Library’s physical site at the I CARE Offices located at 4070 Tunica Street, Baton Rouge Louisiana 70802 to browse our growing number of materials and resources.

To use I CARE’s Online Library, please follow these steps:

Step 1:

If you are new to the I CARE Library System, please register using the following form:

I CARE Library Registration

You will receive an email confirming your registration and receive a library card by mail.

Step 2:

Download the I CARE Library Guide.

Make your selections. Remember you are limited to checking out two selections at any given time.

Step 3:

Click the Check Out tab to the left, click your section, choose your selections, and submit your request.

You should receive your selections via pony or delivery by I CARE Specialist.

For questions about the I CARE Library and its policies, please contact Toni Jones at (225) 226-2273.