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Following the creation of the I CARE Program in 1981 and the hiring of the first CARE Specialists, the I CARE Library was created. Originally designed to offer literature and video tapes on substance abuse education, it was used as resource by counselors, educators, and community members across the parish. In this pre-computer/internet era, users would visit the library in person and check out the valuable materials for use in their classrooms, community centers, and churches.

The 1990’s saw the implementation of the first library checkout system. A preliminary database of materials began to develop and many Betamax video titles were then being offered on VHS format tapes. Use of the library began to expand to non-public and private schools with a push to expand the library with new titles, games, and other learning tools.

After the year 2000, the I CARE Office relocated to its current location on Tunica Street. Many older titles were purged and the library was renovated. Newer titles were purchased and many multimedia offerings included CD’s and DVD’s. Older materials were scanned or converted into newer formats. In 2010, the I CARE library saw a reduction in use and few newer titles were added.

In 2015, the I CARE library has been rejuvenated with new titles more relevant to the current population and needs of the school district. Titles can now be checked out online and many materials are available for digital download. A team of I CARE Specialists and counselors review and add relevant new materials to the library on an ongoing basis.

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New to the I CARE Library! - April 6, 2016

Have You Filled  A Bucket Today?
by Carol McCloud (214-215)

Through simple prose and vivid illustrations, this heartwarming book encourages positive behavior as children see how rewarding it is to express daily kindness, appreciation, and love.

Available in Spanish. 


Growing Up With a Bucket Full of Happiness              
by Carol McCloud     (217)

This award-winning sequel to Have You Filled a Bucket Today? features easy-to-read chapters, colorful illustrations, and daily questions to help readers become better bucket fillers and give them the tools to live a life filled with happiness.

Will You Fill My Bucket?
by Carol McCloud (218)

A simple question, Will You Fill My Bucket?, is fervently asked by children from twelve different countries. In this award-winning, 32-page picture book, sweet rhyming prose, repetition, and vividly captivating illustrations delight the senses and express the deep joy and love we hope for all children.

 Fill A Bucket (216)
by Carol McCloud

This award-winning prequel to Have You Filled a Bucket Today? is the perfect for anyone with little ones they love.  When children have their buckets filled and learn how they can fill other people's buckets too, they understand how special, valuable, and capable they are.


  Treating Self Injury
Barent Ealsh (1002)

This trusted practitioner resource is acclaimed for its clear, compassionate, and hopeful approach to working with clients who self-injure. Barent Walsh provides current, evidence-based knowledge about the variety and causes of self-injurious behavior, its relationship to suicidality, and how to assess and treat it effectively.


  Helping Teens Who Cut
Dr. Michael Hollander (1003)

Discovering that your teen “cuts” is absolutely terrifying. Dr. Michael Hollander is a leading authority on self-injury and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). In this compassionate, straightforward book, Dr. Hollander spells out the facts about cutting--and what to do to make it stop.


   Healing Deep Hurt Within
Dr. Peter Mack (1004)

It describes the amazing transformational journey of a young female patient in a hospital environment who had depression, insomnia, dissociative amnesia, suicidal thoughts, auditory hallucinations and flashbacks. This book analyzes and focuses on regression therapy.


 When Your Child Is Cutting
Merry McVey-Noble (1205)

This book offers you information and advice for dealing with a child who is hurting him or herself. Learn why self-injury happens, how to identify it, and how to address this sensitive topic with calm and confidence. Follow the book's clear and simple plan for communicating with your child about this problem. 


What Every Parent Needs to Know About Self Injury
Tonja Krautter (1204)

Psychologist and adolescent specialist Dr. Tonja H. Krautter has the answers parents need to understand self-injury, and guide their child through intervention, treatment, and recovery.  Combining clinical expertise with real-life examples, Dr. Krautter helps parents understand why their child is initiating this behavior.


 A to Z Character Education
Sherry Hoffman

Using the powerful bucketfilling messages found in Carol McCloud's first book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids, author Sherry Hoffman crafts exciting and ingenious ways to use reading strategies, vocabulary instruction, and extended activities which encourages students to develop excellent character traits.