20180517 School Notice

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五月二十日這學年結業典禮, 也是爾灣慈濟人文學校創校二十週年慶, 有下列事項佈達:

1.     結業典禮當天不上課. 請家長和同學八點半提早到校. 先在體育館外的停車場集合, 八點四十五由老師和愛心家長帶領全班同學整隊入場. 結業典禮九點開始. 雖然結業典禮不上課, 還是要求全校家長同學參與. 同學們仍然要穿著整齊的制服. 在結業典禮上有個最好的人文展現. 因為又是學校二十歲生日, 歡迎家人和前校友一起來共襄盛舉.

2.     結業典禮學校準備獎盃頒給靜思語繪畫, 作文, 識字比賽和詩詞朗誦各組比賽前三名的同學, 今年很多同學參加了校內和校外的各項學術和繪畫比賽, 取得很好的成績. 我們希望同學下學年能再接再厲, 更上一層樓.

3.     每年學校都能撿到很多家長同學遺失的衣物和其它物品.五月二十日這些失物會放在場外請家長同學前往認領. 當天無人認領的物件, 將會贈送給慈善機構.

4.     這週日由五濟家長值星, 負責指揮交通和維護秩序. 請值星的家長早上8:10到學校領取志工背心穿上. 謝謝您的護持!



Dear Parents and Students,


May 20th is the school commencement day as well as Tzu Chi Academy, Irvines 20th anniversary celebration.  We have a few reminders as follow: 


1.      On commencement day, there will be no classes. Parents and students, please arrive at school by 8:30 AM to assemble in front of the indoor gym. Teachers and room parents will lead the students to the commencement, which begins at 9:00 AM. The ceremony requires all teachers and students participation. The students should wear proper school uniforms per usual. Because it is the schools 20th birthday, we welcome all family members and alumni to join us for celebration.

2.      During commencement, the school will be presenting trophies to the top three students in each age group that won the Jin Si Art, Chinese Bee and/or Poem Reading competitions. It was delightful to see so many students participating in on-/off-campus academic and art competitions this year with so many great results. We hope more student will join these events  in the future with even greater results.

3.      Every school year, we find lots of clothes and other items left by our students and parents. On May 20th, we will have a lost and found outside of the gym for pick up. Items not picked up by the end of school day will be donated to charity.

4.      On the very last week, Chi-5 class (五濟) parents will be responsible for the volunteer roles of directing traffic and keep students in line.  Please arrive around 8:10 AM and obtain the volunteer jackets from our office. We really appreciate your support!


校長/Principal:  邱樺 (Edward Yau)



這週的靜思語/ Wisdom Words

做事要有赤子之心, 駱駝的耐力, 獅子的勇猛.

When doing any task, have the innocence of a child, the endurance of a camel, and the courage of a lion.