20180510 School Notice

posted May 23, 2018, 12:00 PM by ICare ParentClub


輕輕的提醒家長和同學們這星期日(5/13)將舉辦人文學校三節合一浴佛慶典暨孝親感恩會, 這活動是學校的人文課需要全校師生共同參與. 九點浴佛典禮開始. 因今年首次在體育館內舉辦, 請家長和同學八點二十提早到校. 先到教室報到, 再由愛心家長帶領全班同學八點半在籃球館前停車場集合, 整隊入場. 當天需要每班最少有兩位以上的愛心家長來幫忙帶隊, 低年級可能需要三位以上, 感恩家長們護持. 浴佛結束後, 各班將回到自己的教室繼續孝親感恩活動.


有很多家長同學遺失的衣物和其它物品包括手錶還無人認領.(請看附件) 所有失物會擺放在學校辦公處外面. 如果您有在學校遺失衣物, 請來查找.


這週日由五濟家長值星, 負責指揮交通和維護秩序. 請值星的家長早上8:10到學校領取志工背心穿上. 謝謝您的護持!



Dear Parents/students,


This is a gentle reminder that this Sunday, May 13th, we will be holding our Buddha Bathing Ceremony, Tzu Chis birthday, and Mothers Day celebrations. The ceremony is part of the schools humanistic class, and it requires all teachers and students to participate. The Buddha Bathing Ceremony begins at 9:00 AM. Since it is our first time holding such an event in the main basketball gymnasium, we ask parents and students to meet in your classrooms at 8:20 AM. The room parents will lead the classes to the parking lot in front of the gymnasium at 8:30 AM and assemble to enter the building. Each class may need two volunteer parents to help gather the students. The kindergarten and lower-grade classes may need more. We thank our parents for your support.

After the ceremony, each class will return to its classroom and continue with the Mothers Day celebrations.

There are still lots of clothes and other lost items, including a watch, not being claimed by parents/students. (See attached) All the lost and found items will be displayed outside of the school office for pick up. Please stop by and check to see if you lost any of those items.

This Sunday, Chi-5 class (五濟) parents will be responsible for the volunteer roles of directing traffic and keeping students in line.  Please arrive around 8:10 AM and obtain the volunteer jackets from our office. We really appreciate your support!



校長/Principal:  邱樺 (Edward Yau)




這週的靜思語/ Wisdom Words

知足的人, 心量開闊; 心量開闊, 對人對事就不會計較.

One who is content is immensely broad hearted. A broad hearted person will not be in dispute with others over any matter.