20180427 School Notice

posted Apr 29, 2018, 6:32 PM by ICare ParentClub



1.     這星期四月二十九日將接受新生下學年度報名註冊. 還沒註冊報名的舊生, 將視同新生一樣報名註冊. 按先後順序, 直至班級名額滿了為止.

2.     下星期日還是由五慈家長值星, 負責指揮交通和維護校園安全. 請值星的家長早上8:20到學校辦事處領取志工背心穿上. 謝謝您的護持!

3.     再次提醒家長學校辦公處還有很多同學遺失的衣物, 表和其它物品(請看附件)沒有認領, 學期結束後, 所有沒被領走的衣物將會捐贈給慈善機構.

4.     上週日學校邀請八, 九年級的家長來學校開, 新學年九年級、十年級課程做説明有很多家長可能沒有注意到這訊息, 這週日9amFL-11我們會再做說明如何讓有興趣學習中文的同學繼續念下去. 另外, 因家長提議, 學校決定下學年開幼中班, 學生的年紀是四到五歲, 幼中班課程主要是說唱, 遊戲, 和繪畫, 讓小朋友在上注音班前先熟悉中文環境, 幫助將來更好學習中文. 詳情請週日到校務處或打電話查詢.



Dear Parents and Students,

We have a few reminders listed below for the coming weekend:

1.     This Sunday, April 29th, the registration process will open to the general public. Returning students who missed the deadline are able to register with new incoming students. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis; once a class is full, registration for that class will be closed.

2.     Next week, Tzu-5 class (五慈) parents will be responsible for the volunteer roles of directing traffic and patrolling the campus during recesses.  Please arrive around 8:20 AM and obtain the volunteer jackets from our office. We really appreciate your support!

3.     Again, please be reminded that there are still many lost clothes, a watch, and other items (see attached photos) not picked up outside the office area. All unclaimed items will be donated to charity when the school year ends.

4.     Last weekend, the school invited 8th and 9th grade parents to meet and discuss the 9th and 10th-grade Chinese curriculum for the new school year. Many parents might have missed the noticeand thus, this Sunday 9am, we are going to arrange the meeting again in FL-11 classroom. We will propose how to allow students who want to learn Chinese continue after 9th grade.  Also, per many parent’s request, the school is planning to offer a pre-school class. The ages of the pre-school students are 4 to 5 years old. The class will mainly involve talking-singing, games, and arts. It provides a Chinese learning environment in fun ways before the students continue on to kindergarten. This class is aimed towards providing them a base for learning Chinese later on. For details please come to the office on Sunday or call the school during weekdays.



校長/Principal:  邱樺 (Edward Yau)




這週的靜思語/ Wisdom Words

要提起就完全提起, 要放下就全心放下.

When you perform a task, do it wholeheartedly;

When you refuse a task, leave it without regret.