iCARE Project

iCARE Project & participants at the end of the workshop sessions
“iCARE” Project started from early February to middle of March, 2012 at Leloi  Secondary School for the Gifted - Hanoi, Vietnam. Participants of the project were nearly 1000 secondary students, aged from 11-15, who are excellent and active in both studying and participating in extracurricular activities. Moreover, a group of 35-45 outstanding selected students attended in two training workshop sessions about 4 topics: Climate Change , Energy SavingWaste 5R (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Rethink and Respect) and Leadership Skills. The training workshops were delivered by members or iCare Board Organizing Committee in hopes that those students would become the green leaders and change agents… in their own classes and community. Besides, throughout the Project, those students also played an important role as student leaders to help the project run successfully. 

“iCARE” Project focused on three main points: (1) raising awareness about climate change, energy saving as well as the need of recycling in daily life in secondary students at Leloi Secondary School for the Gifted, Hanoi. The project is integrated with a compulsory subject in secondary school curriculum: Citizenship Education: Social and Moral Responsibility.(2) More importantly, iCARE project aimed at training a group of young outstanding students to become the green leaders in their own community, especially to continue to carry on spreading the green message after the project finishes. Finally, (3) the project organized 2 related events: Environmental Theme Drawing Competition, and Used Stuffs Donation to help Local Orphan Children in order to encourage students in protecting environment and helping others in their own community.