Since its inception, ICAR-AICRP (STCR) strive for balance between crop productivity, farmers’ profitability, soil sustainability and better response ratio of applied plant nutrients for offering a diligent mix of crop productivity and soil sustainability which endeavours to give farmers the best of both world and opportunity for higher return based on resource endowment capacities. The objectives of STCR including, establishing the relationships between soil test values and crop response to fertilizers and organic supplement along with its calibration for fertilizer recommendation has been done for most of the crops. The project has achieved the objectives set during various plan periods. However, the introduction of new high yielding varieties and hybrids in the new changing climatic scenario for different crops has opened challenges to collect their basic information on nutrient requirement grown in different states. The site specific integrated nutrient supply system recommendations for different crops and cropping systems has been collected but still a very large area remains unexplored. Besides, established linkages with state extension agency and recently through Tribal Sub Plan activities have made headway for effective transfer of technology to the farmers. STCR-IPNS based long-term demonstrations under different agro-ecological regions proving the superiority of STCR approach of nutrient management.