Project Summary

Project Summary


In short I want to know if we could taste genes.

The stem of this question was the pondering of the use of the tongue outside of eating and in the realms of reproduction; such as kissing.

Research on choosing a potential reproductive mate from a biological stance lead me to conduct an experiment based on the control of a males ability to sense a females Histocompatibility Gene with their nose.

Male candidates were asked to rate their affinity to 5 female’s smell and taste. I then looked at the correlation between the two rating to answer my question.

I found that overall their was no correlation, however in the more extreme results such as the most and least favoured smell/taste ratings their was some pretty strong correlation which suggested to me that taste is only useful when a female is strongly attractive or repulsive to a male due to the difficulty in differentiating between the taste of human skin.

I feel that I did not have enough candidates to track a more definite trend between the extreme results, they could have been chance so as of now I am concluded that I need to do more experimentation with more candidates before I know anything for definite.

I fully intend to continue looking at this trail of research and hopefully in the future will know for sure whether we can taste genes.