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July Topical Meeting: Care Provider Red Flags

posted Jun 21, 2012, 5:49 PM by Rebecca James   [ updated Sep 3, 2012, 6:46 PM ]
Date:                 Tuesday - July 10, 2012
Time:              6:30pm
Location:        Pasha Coffee&Tea
Street:            3914 St. Elmo Avenue
City/Town:      Chattanooga, TN

This topic is so essential for pregnant women wanting to avoid an unnecessary c-section or to achieve a VBAC!

At this meeting we will discuss what key phrases, actions, and practice policies that you should be aware of during the course of your prenatal care. It's good to know when it may be in your best interest to find a different more-supportive care provider!

If you want your care provider to support your desires to avoid a c-section, achieve that natural birth, give you baby friendly and mother friendly care, or have a VBAC; it is very important for you to be on the alert for these "red flags" which can clue you in to your provider's true support of your birth plans before it's too late!

***This meeting is for women of all ages will be very casual and informal.***