Date 3rd July
9:25 Opening
9:30Efficient two-stage group testing algorithms for DNA screening 
Michael Huber
10:00Coffee break 
10:30 Invited talk: Recovering simple signals
Anna C. Gilbert
11:30 Optimal randomized group testing: A canonical form and the one-defective case
Peter Damaschke
12:00Using group testing for pattern matching applications
Yonatan Aumann, Moshe Lewenstein, Noa Lewenstein, and Dekel Tsur 
12:30    Lunch break 
14:00Invited talk: On the power of adaptivity in sparse recovery
Piotr Indyk
15:00Identification of rare alleles and their carriers using compressed se(que)nsing 
Noam Shental, Amnon Amir and Or Zuk
A group testing approach to improved corruption localizing hashing
Annalisa De Bonis and Giovanni Di Crescenzo  
16:00Coffee break 
16:30Meeting your neighbours
Avery Miller
17:00Finding m of D defective elements in some group testing models
Rudolf Ahlswede, Christian Deppe, and Vladimir Lebedev  
17:30From coding theory to efficient pattern matching
Raphael Clifford, Ely Porat, and Amir Rothschild 
18:00A mutual information characterization for sparse signal processing
George Atia and Venkatesh Saligrama 

The workshops will take place in room: G51, ETH CAB, Universitätsstr. 6, 8092 Zürich.
Look on the attached file in order to find the direction.

Ely Porat,
Jul 2, 2011, 11:23 AM