Sarah Mossa is the past Vice President of the Illinois Counseling Association, Lewis and Clark Chapter.  Sara gives presentations on using technology in the Counseling profession.  Because her presentations were so popular, she agree to post some of her web links on the ICALCC web site.  We hope that you find these links helpful.

La Leche League USA – Find a local Group

LLL USA would like to proudly support and bring recognition to Black Mamas Matter Alliance (BMMA) as we celebrate the inaugural “Black Maternal Health Week.”

WIC is also a great program for breastfeeding moms and I encourage you to see if your household is eligible for this service. 


Getting Baby on a Sleep Routine Articles:

Marital Resources: (Couples Retreats and more) (Our own Dr. Tony Victor that provides Imago Therapy) (Christian Resource) (Resource for Same-Sex Couples) (Polyamory Resource)  (Infidelity Q&A)


Books on Audible

                Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson

Not just friends: Rebuilding trust and Recovering your Sanity After Infidelity by Shirley Glass

How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It by Patricia Love



Male Couples Guide: Finding A Man, Making a Home, Building a Life by Eric Marcus

Lesbian Step Families by Janet Wright

Lesbian Couples by Marilee Clunis

Different Loving: The World of Sexual Dominance and Submission by William Brame,‎ Gloria Brame,‎ Jon Jacobs


Mobile Apps that the government has done research on to make sure they are effective to use with clients:


Holiday Stress Article from Magellan:


Here is an article from, but I can’t endorse the #5 option as I’m not familiar with that medication, please always see your doctor when thinking about trying new medications or supplements.,,20306655,00.html#walk-away-from-worries-0

We are lucky in the electronic age that many of the 12 step programs are finding their way online.  All client’s may not prefer an online meeting to a face to face to meeting, but encouraging access to meetings online can help bridge gaps in rural areas, or for clients who travel often.  I still recommend one face to face meeting per week “the home group” as a way to still maintain connection to other humans in a social setting.  However, those beginning in NA may need to start with an online meeting if the risk of using with other NA members by going to an in person meeting is too great. 

If you have a client struggling with infertility and need to refer or receive consultation Alison Moran is an experienced infertility counselor.  Alison Moran, Founder of the Evolve Counseling and Wellness at 53 West Jackson Blvd, Site 1119, Chicago, IL 60604, 312-340-9511

Franklin Covey Performance Improvement

See 7 expertise areas for helping managers make changes in Sales Performance, Productivity, and Leadership Goals just to name a few.

Please post a reminder for people to renew their IL professional licenses. Here is the link click on professional counselor or Professional Counselor Clinical and have your credit card handy.  J


Grief  online groups, I recommend having the client start a new email for this as it is a lot of email and they won’t want to be bombarded with connecting with other members of the group during random times when they aren’t expecting it.  A location to find the closest in person support groups.

National Organization for Victims Assistance 800-879-6682

National Sexual Violence Resource Center 877-739-3895

RAINN – Rape Abuse Incest National Network 800-656-4619

DOD:   877-995-5247


Research article attached from DCOE CEU today (click here).  The strong take away is that the way in which the victims we treat are treated/asked questions/type of questions during the reporting process is clinically significant to the outcomes of secondary traumatization.  


If at all possible consider helping someone to go through the reporting process, or having a family member to assist the victim through the reporting process (call insurance and ask for critical emergency session time to assist the client make their report).  If you are aware of a specialty assigned officer or trained personage of the court system that will assist the member through the reporting process this would be better than any random untrained personnel that would take the report. 

A website I like to give to parents who are struggling with teens who are violent towards them.

For Christian Counselors, I have been using the Youtube video “When You Suffer: Biblical Keys for Hope”, by Jeff Cavins.   Book Resource is "The Meaning of Suffering".

For Counselors seeking treatment facilities, the SAMHSA Treatment Locator is the same whether you are seeking behavioral health or substance abuse treatment.  I find that going to Google, putting in SAMHSA then clicking on treatment locator is the easiest way to get there.  Enter the zip code, then practice changing the search tool option in the right hand corner tool bar.  This will help you to become familiar with searching for different levels of care and types of care. 

This week  I have found the DBSA site to be very helpful.  On this website your clients with BiPolar Disorder can find a local support group for those with BiPolar Disorder.  There is also a Help Others tab for  family, friends, and peers tab that will provide psychoeducation as well as the ability to find a support group for the caregiver. 

This week’s website has been for Deep Breathing Meditation videos.  I frequently provide this information for clients who are experiencing stress or anxiety.  Go to enter the words "Deep Breathing Meditation" and there are 80,000 options. Click through until you find one with the voice, images, and meditation content that works for you.  


I encourage clients to also consider taking that new meditation with them wherever they go.  For those that work in buildings where their smart phone can’t go, they are encouraged to hold the images in their mind’s eye.  No one can take your calm place from you once you have established this in your mind’s eye, it is completely yours and you can return there to that place of peace anytime you choose. 

This link specifically shows the get info section where one can find out what kind of information, and medical info might be needed to process a forensic case. “Aftermath of Sexual Violence”.  Also reporting the crime to the police and what to expect.  “Reporting the Crime to the Police”

I do want to note that they like many didn’t differentiate that child sexual abuse/incest, has two processes.  Our report to DCFS in the state of Illinois which is separate from the report to the police.  Often times the two are not connected, so just because we report to DCFS or to the police don’t make the assumption that these two agencies are talking to each other.  I encourage to process your mandated report to DCFS collaboratively with the family (or on your own if needed) and encourage the parents or the victim to call the police to report these concerns as well.