ICAAL meetings

The next ICAAL meeting is planned for August 29-31, 2019 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Details can be found here.

ICAAL 2021 will be held in Lund, Sweden. Details will be posted here in due time.

Please contact us if you have comments, suggestions, pictures, or stories you want to share.

The continuity group of the ICAAL presently consists of the following people:

Nicole Kruspe (nicolekruspe [AT] gmail.com)

Paul Sidwell (paulsidwell [AT] gmail.com)

Mathias Jenny (mathias.jenny [AT] uzh.ch)

Felix Rau (felix.rau [AT] gmail.com)

John Peterson (jpeterson [AT] isfas.uni-kiel.de)

Tobias Weber (secretary) (tweber [AT] isfas.uni-kiel.de): secretary