Austroasiatic Studies - the way ahead

The AA workshop in Chiang Mai in September 2016 showed that active cooperation among AA specialists and outside researchers is possible and can be done effectively (see AA workshop report). Regular working meetings (besides the open ICAAL meetings) and continuous online collaboration and exchange has been agreed on, including sharing material and data, and coauthoring publications. The ultimate goal is to bring AA studies to a new level, in terms of our understanding and modelling of the history and development of the family, covering all linguistic domains as well as outside factors (history, archeology).

The AA working group that was established at the 2016 workshop is not a closed group, and everyone interested in actively participating in the cooperation is welcome to join the group. Please send a mail to Mathias Jenny (kouannawa [AT] or Paul Sidwell (paulsidwell [AT] to express your interest.

Suggestions and comments are welcome!