Workshop proceedings

The proceedings of the AA Workshop 2016 will be published in 2018. Final drafts of all papers should be submitted to Paul Sidwell and Mathias Jenny by February 1, 2017.

The Leipzig Glossing Rules should be followed in presenting examples.

Please consult the list below for the glossing of functional morphemes (affixes, adpositions, particles)

If you use glosses not listed here or prefer different terminology, please inform us at icaalprojects AT

Lexical items functioning as grammatical markers should be glossed with their lexical form if the connection is synchronically transparent. If possible, a one-to-one correspondence is preferable. If a verb meaning 'give' is also used as causative (permissive/jussive) and/or benefactive marker, the consistent use of the gloss 'give' tells more about the structure of the language than a gloss like CAUS or BEN. The function in each example should be evident from the translation. If a morpheme is fully lexicalised, the gloss should reflect this.

Grammatical labels for AA Publications