Welcome to the IB Theatre High School website created by Richard Webster.

The site has all the general course information for IB Theatre, as well as information on the specific assessments along with resources to assist you in your work, including details of the new IB Theatre Programme commencing in 2014.

Also on the site is some example of students' work, tips from past students, information on important theatrical practitioners and photos from classroom workshops and performances.

In an online world where information is so easily accessible and readily available, it is no longer the teachers' job to give knowledge, but to give students the skills and tools in which they can use knowledge effectively, whether in a real world environment or in assessment. We hope this site serves as a tool to all Theatre students as a valid starting point, which will hopefully springboard them towards being a top Theatre practitioner. 

Details of assessment and outlines are extracts from the IB Theatre First Examinations 2009 guide and the 
IB Theatre First Examinations 2016 guide. No copyright infringement was intended. With this in mind certain materials are not allowed to be distributed though this channel and students should seek further guidance from their teacher regarding criterion and exemplar work.

This site has been developed independently, by teachers, for teachers, students and parents. I hope you enjoy it.