About IBSI

The aims and objectives of the society:
  • To promote ion beam education, training and utilize ion beam technology for relevant technologies, industries and applicational fields for the purpose of national progress and welfare
  • To promote active interaction among all persons, bodies, institutions (private and/or state owned, national or international) specifically interested in ion beams and related areas
  • To organize seminars, symposium, workshops, lectures, training courses, conferences, film shows etc. pertaining to ion beams and their applications
  • To organize regional and/or special interest chapters in the country as and when needed. to help these, IBSI zonal branches to function properly under the framework of IBSI rules
  • To act as a professional body of ion beam professionals of eminence for creating public awareness and opinion on all ion beam techniques related matters and affairs, and for promoting and safe guarding the interests of ion beam scientists/professionals of India and to represent internationally the ion beam related work in India
  • To secure grants, funds, endowments etc. and to administer them to further any or all of the above aims and objectives
  • To frame, adopt and modify rules and regulations by which the association may conduct its business
  • To advise and assist the Govt. of India to formulate and carry out its national ion beam programme
  • To publish Proceedings, Journals, News letter and other publications as may be found desirable
  • To secure grants, funds and endowments and administer the same for the furtherance of the above any or all aims and objectives