The Israel Biochar Researchers Network (iBRN) is the outcome of a research program into biochar use in agriculture initiated in Israel at the start of 2009. A number of researchers with relevant expertise have joined the research efforts of iBRN, which is aimed primarily at improving our understanding of how biochar functions in modern agricultural systems. We see an intensive and broad-based scientific program as providing essential background and knowledge in advance of advocating large-scale use of biochar in soil.
Members of iBRN seek to expand collective and individual research programs, engage other research groups nationally and internationally, and develop links with similar programs in other countries.
iBRN research focuses on biochar impacts on:

as well as on pyrolysis of a variety of feedstocks, and biochar uses in various agricultural and industrial industries, for example:

  • composting with biochar for controlling N-losses
  • biochar in poultry houses for ammonia and odor control
  • horticultural amendment