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HW 4-Game idea


Village Mufasa.

The Story: 

This is a wonderful world of Mufusa, an African village. Thus, the goal of the game is to eat 16 oranges within a minute. Once the avatar eats all the oranges before the time expires, you will get a win screen saying congratulation you won. If you do not get all the 16 oranges before a minute, than you will have to to start the game over again. 

The Aesthetics, i.e. Setting and Characters:

This game is taking place in the west coast of Sahara in Africa. This occurs around the 1600's when missionaries first came across Africa inquest of gold, diamond and all kind of resources. They first settled down by building beautiful houses. However, in this game the missionaries are represented by the avatar and the African resources such as gold, diamond, silver...etc are represented by the oranges. Therefore if the missionaries get to eat all the oranges, Africa will be dry and consider as a third world in the future, but if they missionaries fail, Africa will just look as beautiful as the present-day United States of America.

The Mechanics:

The Mechanics of the game are simple and easy to comprehend.

Arrows keys: -The right arrow is to move to the right, The left arrow is to move to the left, The up arrow is to move forward, and the down arrow is to move backward.

WASD keys: -W is to move forward with less speed and accurate control, A is to turn to the left, S is to move backward, and D is to turn to the right.

Turbo key:  -F is to speed fast like the thunder.

The Challenge: 

While playing the game, you will have to avoid running into houses, or any other object beside the oranges, otherwise you will get 5 points subtracted from you score. If you get up to 30 points subtracted form you score you will lose.

The Soundtrack: 

The sound track will be Mufusa by Amaal Nuux. Its light song dedicated to Africa. Here's the link to the song --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2fyUv74QMY