Research Committee

The IBPSA-USA Research Committee promotes research activities in building performance simulation by advocating research outcomes, facilitating research exchange, and generating new research ideas and so on. The committee meets monthly, and three subcommittees meet quarterly. Additionally, the committee hosts and sponsors events to develop research objectives and make building simulation practitioners aware of new advances in the field.


Architectural Simulations Subcommittee

The major objective of the Architectural Simulations research subcommittee is to re-establish IBPSA as a “big tent” organization where various other applications of simulation in the buildings arena will have a dedicated platform. These areas include indoor air, lighting, acoustics, moisture, fire, and occupant flow, among others. This subcommittee seeks to elevate these key non-energy areas of interest, and will facilitate deeper cross-disciplinary discussions with researchers and practitioners in these areas.

Emerging Simulation Technology Subcommittee

The major objectives of the Emerging Simulation Technology research subcommittee are to identify and promote emerging hardware tools and software techniques in building simulation. It seeks to create awareness and promote use of emerging technologies within the research, industry, and government communities, and to facilitate interaction between these communities. The subcommittee takes special interest in high performance computing platforms, equation-based methods, and numerical methods suited to these platforms; however, it also seeks to identify new emerging technologies.

Urban Scale Simulation

Urban scale simulation is the modeling of resource consumption in multiple buildings or representative building types at geographic scales from the neighborhood up to the national level. The Urban Scale Simulation research subcommittee aims to promote awareness and collaboration among practitioners, researchers, and other interested parties in the area of urban scale simulation. The subcommittee also provides input to IBPSA-USA in developing its broader research strategy as it relates to this specific area of building performance simulation.

The Research Committee meets at Building Simulation 2017 in San Francisco
The IBPSA-USA Research Committee meeting at Building Simulation 2017 in San Francisco.