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DETOX OR DIE by David Graham Scott This powerful 45-minute program is by and about filmmaker David Graham Scott, a former heroin addict trying to kick his intense methadone dependency. An emotional, no-holds-barred look at one man's struggle to get clean, ONE LIFE: DETOX OR DIE? follows Scott as he tries a dangerous, untested new detox method that promises an intense but mercifully brief withdrawal process.


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The former bass player in Happy Mondays, Paul Ryder has been a long time Heroine addict. Coming up a documentary from ex Happy Monday's Bass player Paul Ryder that investigate ...Ibogaine the last hope.
09:21 - 2 år sedan youtube.com
- California News on Ibogaine Treatment 20 Feb, 2004 - BAY AREA (KRON 4) - Drug addiction has been the plague of modern America. But that could now change forever. What started ...

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RIP Howard! The man who discovered the anti-addictive effects of ibogaine, Howard Lotsof speaks about his experience. And the pleasant surprise gdnf.wordpress.com btw The ...

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Could the answer to America's drug problem lie in an African root? Supporters say Ibogaine can treat Oxycontin, Vicodin, alcohol and heroin addiction. Some former drug addicts ...

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just as that. ... Ibogain ibogaine heroin detox addiction narcotics cocaine methadone morphine opiates ...

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Qui a peur de l'iboga ? Enquête sur une nouvelle drogue Utilisée depuis 5000 ans par les pygmées et les sociétés tribales d'Afrique équatoriale, l'iboga a fait son apparition ...

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- ibogaine Une agrafe courte où certaines des personnes tribales entrent dans les jungles profondes du Gabon pour moissonner la racine d'iboga (iboga de Tabernanthe). La tribu ...

09:59 - 2 år sedan youtube.com
Dr Deborah Mash I didn't believe it. Then she heard about another researcher who had been working with rats that were trained to become addicted. And he was describing again ...

01:43 - 2 år sedan youtube.com
Ibogain, halucinogena droga čije korištenje može imati smrtne posljedice, posljednjih se mjeseci reklamira kao čudotvoran lijek za heroinsku ovisnost. Terapiju provode ...

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Ibogain ett lovande medel mot drogslaveri.Detta är ett urklipp från en BBC produktion: BBC Horizon Special