Ibogaine Treatment Center
Ibogaine Treatment Center

Ibogaine Central is not a traditional facility for drug-dependent individuals who seek alternative treatment for addiction. It is an Ibogaine treatment center that provides a holistic approach to drug treatment and detoxification, including therapy using the addiction-interrupting qualities of the iboga plant.

The goal of this treatment center is to eliminate the feeling of separation that is the core of the addiction process. People suffering from addiction feel that they are alone and separated from others. Once they sign up for treatment, the medical staff of Ibogaine Central will make them feel they are part of a family. And as such, we are committed to providing a comfortable and fulfilling environment where our guests can experience ibogaine treatment for their physical and emotional detoxification.

Ibogaine Treatment Center: a Voluntary and Free-will Facility

An ibogaine treatment center welcomes drug-dependent individuals who have made a strong commitment to free themselves from the claws of addictions. The ability to move past your present situation depends greatly on your intentions to live normally and be in perfectly good physical, mental, and emotional health.

The patient’s personal and firm decision is one of the vital components to the success of the ibogaine treatment process. With the patient’s complete cooperation, the treatment center can efficiently provide their needs and attend to their concerns. The iboga therapy can only be done smoothly when the patient is willing and determined to get back to a normal life.

Personal motivation, genuine acceptance of his current condition, and readiness to make a change are key factors that lead to a successful ibogaine treatment. These factors can be negatively affected by external and internal factors such as pressure from family and friends, chaotic environment and withdrawal symptoms. However, when the drug-dependent individual is personally motivated and committed to undergo treatment, living a cleaner life is possible.

Families and friends must support and encourage their drug-addicted member to submit to treatment. Enforced strategies will not only hinder the treatment process but may result in failed medical efforts.

What is Ibogaine treatment?

Ibogaine treatment curbs addiction by interrupting the need to take the substance. A number of medical studies have documented detox effects of the iboga plant in individuals who are addicted to substances such as heroin, cocaine, opioid and even alcohol. After treatment, the patient can start living life without yearning or needing the effects of the drug so you can function normally. You can begin to appreciate your life and the people around you.

The goal of Ibogaine treatment center is to provide therapy that will assist you to reach a space where you can make clear decisions without the influence of chemical substances. Ibogaine treatment helps drug-addicted individuals to regain balance and rhythm of the mind, body and soul.

How Long Does Ibogaine Treatment Last?

Experienced ibogaine treatment centers can never provide a definite time frame for Ibogaine treatment. The therapy’s duration will greatly vary based on the current condition and goals of the individual. Some would respond quickly after two days and may have to stay in the center for a week to ten days to overcome to undergo aftercare program, to ultimately overcome their substance addiction. While others would take longer periods and may even need to stay for a month.

Other drug-addicted individuals require a second or third treatment within a year or eighteen months so that the full benefit of the Ibogaine treatment can be achieved and they can completely overcome their dependence on drugs.

The longer a patient stays in the center or facility, the more he will learn new behaviors and  eliminate destructive ones. After the ibogaine experience, the guest will find solace and freedom to live a life free from the adverse effects of addictive substances. The time spent in the Ibogaine treatment center will give the individual time to find his true self and purpose.

How is Ibogaine treatment administered

Ibogaine treatment must be administered in registered Ibogaine treatment centers by professional medical staff with a experience in ibogaine treatment for drug addiction.

Before intravenously injecting the ibogaine medicine, a text dose is conducted to determine allergic reactions. If there is no indication of reaction, a full dose is given to the patient. The weight of the person determines the full dose.  

A medical staff constantly observes and monitors the patient during the treatment and ensures that he is rested, nourished and hydrated.

Holistic Approach to Treatment for Addiction

Drug-dependent individuals do not only suffer the physical symptoms of addiction. They also struggle with emotional and psychological issues. A holistic approach to treatment of addiction is what the patients need to fully achieve recovery.

Traditional treatment to drug addiction sometimes fail because what this conventional treatment targets are only the physical symptoms, but the emotional and psychological needs of the patients are never given attention. Moreover, when the drug-dependent patients are released from rehabilitation, there is a high risk of going into relapse. This is caused by the lack of strong support and aftercare treatment.

Studies prove that Ibogaine treatment have resulted to successful recovery. Drug-dependent individuals go back to their home environment with no more yearnings for drugs.

One of the benefits to using ibogaine in treating substance addiction is that alternative treatment, unlike the traditional methods, does not lead to drug dependence. Most individuals who have overcome their addiction by undergoing ibogaine treatment have lived drug-free and cleaner lives, without falling off the wagon.

Ibogaine treatment leads patients to the path to recovery and clean living. It provides them with a future that provides endless opportunities to become successful despite their dark past with drug addiction.

Ibogaine Central, an ibogaine treatment center,  is passionate about helping people like you live life to the fullest, free from any addiction.

How to choose an Ibogaine Treatment Center

The road to recovery and a healthier and cleaner life is not an easy journey. In an Ibogaine treatment center, you will not only get rid of the urges to take drugs but you will also be able to learn new behaviors to cope with the physical, mental, and emotional pain that you might experience in the process.

Evaluating the Ibogaine Treatment Center

The first step that you have to make is to evaluate the Ibogaine treatment clinic.

Qualified treatment centers are duly licensed medical clinics.

The treatment center must have a team of specialists who are experienced and qualified.

Medical staff must be present to assist patient 24/7 during treatment. This will include doctors and nurses who will be able to monitor your health condition and ensure a successful therapy.

This medical team must be full-time members of the staff and qualified as ER staff.

When you have chosen a qualified Ibogaine treatment center, assess their experience and knowledge of Ibogaine treatment. You may emphasize that you want Ibogaine because some treatment centers will only offer the Iboga bark. Iboga barks are dangerous in the hands of inexperienced medical staff.

Assess the therapies of the entire Ibogaine treatment center

The second step is to explore the other therapies they offer after your Ibogaine treatment.

This may include:

  • Chinese acupuncture and acupressure

  • Body massage with herbal oil

  • Yoga exercises and meditation

  • Herbal medicines

  • Japanese Reiki or laying hands on the patient to pass on energy forces that are life-giving.

  • Nutritional Therapy

  • Biofeedback therapy and Neurofeedback therapy

Ibogaine Central: Your Journey to A Drug-free Life Starts Here

We are here to help you change your lifestyle and we will support you to the end. The first step in your journey begins at Ibogaine Central. We will make your stay at our Ibogaine Treatment Center comfortable and fulfilling, and we will treat you like you are part of our family.

We have a complete medical staff of doctors, nurses, caregivers and medical assistants who are qualified, licensed and experienced. Here at Ibogaine Central, experience drug detox with state-of-the-art facility.

If you have made your decision to start your journey to a cleaner life and achieve overall wellness, call Ibogaine Central now. A staff member is always ready to receive your call and answer questions.  

Check our different follow-up programs so you understand how committed we are to helping you change.

Start living a drug-free life with Ibogaine Central!

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