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WebSphere MQ

WebSphere Application Server -- Express V6.1

WebSphere Application Server Community Edition V2.0 (no-charge product)

WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid V6.1

WebSphere Extended Deployment Data Grid

WebSphere MQ V6.0

WebSphere Portal Express V6.0

WebSphere® Portal Express V6.0

WebSphere MQ System Management and Administration Tools

AutoPilot M6NasTel TechnologiesNastels AutoPilot M6 Suite gives you the most flexible, powerful mechanisms for managing the performance of complex applications and ensuring the health and reliability of the middleware and infrastructure systems that support them. Whether your environment is a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) or a traditional integrated infrastructure, AutoPilot M6 enables your team to quickly find and fix problems and even predict and prevent them -- before they can impact the business. With AutoPilot M6 you can be confident of consistently meeting your critical SLAs and regulatory compliance requirements.
Candle Command Center for MQSeriesCandleThe Candle Command Center for MQSeries is a network management solution that monitors your MQSeries environment and provides a thorough understanding of the performance of all MQ resources.
Change Manager for MQBMCThe Change Manager for MQ product gives customers the ability to successfully configure MQSeries and centrally manage changing objects through an intuitive GUI.
CMT/MQMetastormConfiguration Management Tool for MQSeries (CMT/MQ) is a full-featured MQSeries configuration and administration tool that allows real-time updates to MQSeries queue managers. CMT/MQ models MQSeries queue managers, and the channels that connect them, to form a cohesive enterprise-wide MQSeries network.
Command MQBMCThe Command MQ family of products helps you manage the end-to-end availability of MQSeries and its underlying infrastructure, through solutions for advanced automation, performance, configuration and administration.
EAI ManagerIsisWorksEAI Manager is a powerful "second generation" EAI solution that provides a secure and reliable framework upon which to build your Integration strategy.
MonitorMQLevel 8 SystemsMonitorMQ is a unified management tool for monitoring MQSeries networks across multiple platforms from a single, centralized interface that is web-accessible. This means MonitorMQ gives you world-wide access to your MQSeries network information from a Web browser.
OPERTUNEBMCThe OPERTUNE for MQ product allows the MQ administrator to easily identify, monitor and change system parameters that affect performance without the system outage traditionally required.
PATROL Knowledge Module for MQSeriesBMCThe PATROL Management Suite of products from BMC Software is the leading suite of application and database management products available today. By automatically monitoring and managing MQSeries, PATROL, through the PATROL Knowledge Module (KM) for MQSeries product, helps ensure high availability and performance for this critical resource.
Q Pasa! for MQSeriesMQ SoftwareQ Pasa! for MQSeries is a powerful management environment for MQSeries networks. Its graphical displays are fed by specialized Analysis Servers from data collected by Q Pasa's Intelligent Agents residing on each monitored MQSeries node.
QN-AppWatchRecondaRecondas QN-AppWatch is a web-based tool for MQ developers and administrators that connects with MQ queue managers to provide views and management of MQ objects. QN-AppWatch addresses the problem that large-scale users of MQ commonly experience, which is that there is no easy way to provide developers with secure and safe access to only their own queue and channel information.
QN-StatWatchRecondaQN-StatWatch allows you to select MQ objects for analysis and data collection and set time periods for data gathering, all from a standard browser interface. Armed with the facts, you can answer those tricky resource questions, satisfy system audits, and plan for the future with confidence.
QN-PulseWatchRecondaQN-PulseWatch constantly monitors Broker and Transport Services, making sure critical tasks are running and resources are available. When an error occurs, it logs detailed diagnostics, and issues an alert to CCC, Tivoli or other EMS software. QN-PulseWatch is the most comprehensive monitor for middleware, filling critical gaps left by every other middleware monitoring tool on the market.
reQuest for MQCressida Technology Ltd.ReQuest offers a set of unique functionality to enable extensive Reporting, Recovery and Replay functions for MQSeries Logs across multiple queue managers on multiple platforms.
Service View for MQBMCThe ServiceView for MQ product provides capabilities that allow users to monitor and manage the performance of their MQSeries systems.
StrobeCompuwareThe STROBE MQSeries Feature helps users understand and minimize their CICS, IMS and batch applications' use of MQSeries resources.
WMQTool 6.6NiratulWMQTool 6.6 is a multipurpose graphical tool used to administer Websphere MQ (earlier MQSeries) software from IBM Corporation. The tool is developed in J2SDK 1.4.1.
MQ ExerciserMQExerciser
MQExerciser makes it easy to test your WebSphere MQ applications. Get, put, browse, move, and save messages on multiple queues,different queue managers.
SoftabarMQSoftabarMQSoftabar Console for WebSphere MQ.

Monitor both transactional patterns and transaction content patterns to identify issues and trigger automated processes or notifications across all tiers in the enterprise, including J2EE application servers, messaging middleware such as WebSphere MQ and Java Message Service (JMS) implementations, and mainframe transaction monitors such as Customer Information Control System (CICS) and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)



CA SYSVIEW Performance Management is a comprehensive real time performance monitoring and management product that provides powerful viewing and command facilities for the mainframe, CICS, IMS, UNIX System Services, JES2, WebSphere MQ and CA-Datacom/DB.

QFlex NetFlexity QFlex is a middleware management product that allows end users to have better visibility over their middleware infrastructure. It enables companies to track performance, detect problems and troubleshoot messaging environments that utilize IBM Middleware technologies.



Fault Detection and Diagnosis for WebSphere MQ Applications by clearly defining reason, return and error codes, and providing MQ environment information whenever an application fails.

MisterQ Explorer is a lightweight MQ administration tool for IBM WebSphere MQ queues, channels and messages. It is developed as a plugin for the Eclipse platform.

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