Commercial Off The Shelf  and Proof of Concept Solutions 
      • Bluetooth Low Energy 
        Beacons (indoor, outdoor, 
        solar cell and energy harvesting, wearable) 
      • Bluetooth Low Energy 
        IoT Nodes (Beacon + Sensors + Actuators)
      • WiFi IoT 
        (Sensors + Actuators, Automated Meter Reader)
      • Bluetooth Low Energy / WiFi-Ethernet 
         -  Networking Infrastructure for IoT Solutions
      • Sigfox Modems
      • Customizable IoT Connected Devices based on Bluetooth Low Energy (LAN) and Sigfox (LP-WAN) or WiFi (WAN) Internet Access



    Internet of Things Manufacturing

    Made by our Team on 2017, LINCE deals with the theme FACTORY 4.0 offering to the customers the opportunity to access the many fund-raising initiatives that the MISE  Italian Ministry of Economic Development is proposing to all Italian companies.

    With 2.3 million total visitors and about 500,000 audiences along the quay during the parade, SAIL was not only the biggest event in the Netherlands in 2015, but also the largest showcase iBeacon unprecedented worldwide.

    The iBeacon long range at SAIL 2015 in Amsterdam. 

    Light-to-Pick Beacons for Warehouse and Logistics applications

    IP66 Enclosure for indoor / outdoor use, powered by CR2477 1000mAh or 1xAA 3V Litium 3600mAh, expected battery life 2 years and 6 years
    IP44 Pendant for indoor use, powered with CR2032, expected battery life 1 year, available in various colour

    Module: BGM111, Max RF range:  ≤150 m

    Download the BlueTAG Documentation (ITA)