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Sigfox Spot’it: GPS-free geolocation service from the world’s lowest cost and secure IoT network

pubblicato 16 feb 2017, 08:55 da iBlio connect   [ aggiornato in data 18 apr 2017, 23:54 ]

Sigfox Spot’it is the first big data based Sigfox service, based on a Cloud intelligence, combining the signal strength indicators and deep learning programs. 
Resulting from two years of research and development, and thanks to the devices meta data available in the Sigfox Cloud, this development enables Sigfox to offer a geolocation service that does not require any hardware upgrade or software update, has no impact on the energy consumption and work booth indoor and outdoor.

  • Lowest-cost IoT location service: Spot’it does not require any additional hardware or software upgrades, and the device does not have to transmit more messages, meaning there is no impact on the solution operating cost for customers.
  • Preserving low energy: Spot’it does not rely on energy intensive GPS technology, nor require additional processing or any more energy than what Sigfox-enabled devices already consume.
  • Enabled through a planetary network: Spot’it is embedded in Sigfox’s global network footprint and represents the first global IoT geolocation offer. This allows the simplification of global supply chain management: once a device is registered into the Sigfox Cloud, the geolocation service is available in all territories where the network is present.
  • Unlike traditional GPS-tracking, Sigfox Spot’it works booth indoor and outdoor.