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iBLio i7816 - The Sigfox MODEM for your next IoT connected device

pubblicato 20 gen 2017, 09:03 da iBlio connect   [ aggiornato in data 18 feb 2017, 02:23 ]

The iBLio i7816 - Sigfox MODEM it's now ready
 to connect your next IoT Connected Device to the Sigfox network
 and to your remote Internet Cloud Services 

i7816 Sigfox MODEM 

You can look at the Technical Manual of the i7816, in english language, on this document and, 
in italian language, on this document.

We use the i7816 Sigfox MODEM to design Custom IoT Connected Devices.

Please contact us, using our Connect channels, to explain and discuss yours specific IoT Device requirements.