"We design IoT devices that monitor and control things all around the world"

Consulting, Services and Products Design for the Internet of Things and Proximity using Sigfox, Bluetooth Low Energy and WiFi technologies.

  • Our Strengths
    • Long Range Products with Internal or External Antenna (Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi, SigFox, LoRa and LoRaWAN)
    • Gateway for Low Power Wide Area Network (Bluetooth Low Energy / SigFox, Bluetooth Low Energy / WiFi)
    • Products Powered with Solar Cells, Energy Harvesting or / and Long Life Batteries 
    • IP5x and IP6x Products Enclosures for Indoor / Outdoor particles and liquid protections
    • Industrial, Portable and Wearable Products and Solutions
    • Multifunctions and Multiprotocols Firmwares on a Single Product
    • Zero-Configurations and Zero-Maintenance Products and Solutions  
  • Commercial Off The Shelf  -  Products and Solutions 
    • Bluetooth Low Energy 
      Beacons (indoor, outdoor, 
      solar cell and energy harvesting, wearable) 
    • Bluetooth Low Energy 
      IoT Nodes (Beacon + Sensors + Actuators)
    • WiFi IoT 
      (Sensors + Actuators, Automated Meter Reader)
    • Bluetooth Low Energy / WiFi-Ethernet 
       -  Networking Infrastructure for IoT Solutions
  • Businesses Services   -  Technical Services  
    • Wireless and IoT Consulting, 
    • Custom Hardware and 
    • Cross-Platform Web and Mobile Apps,
    • Solutions Proof of Concept,
    • Prototypes Design,
    • Products Design,
    • Manufacturing and Testing,
    • Technical Support 
  • Our Attitude

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After growing into a world of beacons and Bluetooth Low Energy applications, Sigfox may be the next big thing in connecting the things around us.
Backed by a 115M investments of Samsung, Sigfox company is building a low cost cellular network for linking anything —small or big— to the Internet.

Introduction to the Sigfox LPWAN network,
introduction and technical explanation on why all this hype,
and why is this a game changer for many businesses.
See more on the Sigfox Website, on the Sigfox YouTube Channel 
and YouTube video serie Introduction to the Sigfox technology.

 We are part of the Sigfox Partner Network 

Make sure you can be easily found, even without a website. A fully compliant solution with Google Eddystone protocol and Physical Web. Find out how at http://beaconattitude.com/ !


Our contribution to The Physical Web project


At the end of January 2015 iBLio was the first company outside the US that validate their UriBeacon as an early contributor of the open-source project proposed by Google 
for the Physical Web. 
Now we have a Eddystone™ open BLE beacon advertisement formats (UID, URL and TLM) 
proposed by Google.
All our beacons also support iBeacon advertisement defined by Apple.
Our improved firmware version 
"iBLio Devices" support all Eddystone™ modes, iBeacon, Nodes as Sensors and Actuators, 
Security and Power Management type of advertisers.

"The Internet of Things seen from the side of Things"