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What about your IoT Bluetooth Smart Devices can be hacked ?

pubblicato 12 set 2015, 01:00 da iBlio connect   [ aggiornato in data 12 ott 2015, 10:31 ]
Today we read the great article of Kontact.IO about SECURITY that forecast the actions that it is taking about and forecasted introductions of new secured beacons starting from October 2015.
The article it's very explanatory and we suggest reading to all people that use not only beacons but any Bluetooth Smart devices like the divices of iBLio.

At iBLio we worked in the past months to deeply integrate SECURITY with all other functionalities like different BEACONS advertisement, SENSORS and ACTUATORS, and TELEMETRY management infos to offer to our customers the path to the coming Internet of Things for their applications.
This effort have a milestone on September 2015 with our first release of a unified firmware for all our Bluetooth Low Energy product line.

Starting October 2015 all "iBLio Devices" Bluetooth Low Energy products can incorporate the new full configurable firmware functionalities 

iBeacon as defined by Apple
Eddystone-UID a Google variations of iBeacon functions
Eddystone-URL a Physical Web functions
Eddistone-TLM battery, temperature and statistics management 
Nodes as iBLio Devices with Sensors and Actuators 
Security mitigation of Spoofing, Piggybacking and Hijacking attacks on BLE devices