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Responsive UI for IoT WebApps that use iBLio "BlueIO" or "IoTSemplice"

pubblicato 24 ago 2016, 08:42 da iBlio connect   [ aggiornato in data 8 ago 2017, 06:44 ]

The iBLio Bluetooth Low Energy IoT devices like "BlueIO" and "IoTSemplice" are used to connect physical things of the real world with WebApps over the Internet / Intranet using a BLE Gateway / MQTT Client connected on a MQTT Broker on the cloud.
On the other end of the connections any users MQTT Clients or WebApps con exchange data with any iBLio IoT devices with the aid of the MQTT Broker.
All the bricks of the entire wall are in place, then we are thinking on a remote User Interface suggestions for our Customers. For further informations contact us.