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Indoor Location Technologies Compared (by Lighthouse Blog)

pubblicato 23 giu 2015, 12:50 da iBlio connect   [ aggiornato in data 24 giu 2015, 03:01 ]

Location technologies – GPS, WiFi, RFID, NFC and, most recently, BLE beacons – provide solutions to supplying Indoor Locations.

Unfortunately, no single solution is the panacea to all problems and evaluating location technologies can be a daunting task. 

Usually, the right answer is dependant on the goals of your business, your environment, and your budget. So we prepared a simple infographic to help you break down the pros and cons of the 5 big location technologies across the most common evaluation criteria.

Note: this is a simplified summary of Lighthouse findings. For a more complete explanation of the solutions and how we rated them, see our detailed article here.