Berlin 2011

Study abroad - IES Abroad, Metropolitan Studies and Architecture in Berlin, Germany

In the summer of 2011 I spent seven weeks studying urban sustainability, using the landscape of Berlin as a case study. This was by far the most time I've ever spent in a city and, despite my initial trepidation, I loved every minute of it. This experience completely reversed my opinion of what city living can be and has made me a proponent of denser - but still strategic and thoroughly thought-out - urbanization as a means of reducing carbon emissions, resource pressures, and expediting the transition to alternative energies and lifestyles. Everything from Berlin's planning to its green spaces, "green architecture", public transportation, and (especially) its people and their attitudes has given me a new appreciation for urban spaces and a new idea of what they are capable of. The things I learned and experiences I had there will stay with me forever and will continue to influence me as I pursue geography. 

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