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September 10, 2015 Saber Mirzaei Graph Reassembling and Graph Typing PPSX 
November 5, 2014 Saber Mirzaei An Alloy Verification Model for Consensus-Based Auction Protocols PDF 
October 16, 2014 Mark C. Reynolds Static and Dynamic Analysis of ARM Binaries PDF 
September 6, 2011 Assaf Kfoury Presentation of a DSL for incremental and modular design of large-scale verifiably-safe flow networks. This presentation combines and expands two earlier presentations, one at DSL 2011 and at SBLP 2011. PDF 
September 5, 2011 Nate Soule Safe Compositional Analysis of Constrained Flow Networks - This presentation appeared at the 4th International Workshop on Equation-Based Object-Oriented Languages and Tools  PDF 
March 13, 2006 Azer Bestavros TRAFFIC: Typed Representation and Analysis of Network Flows for Scalable and Practical Interoperability Checks PDF 
May 25, 2005 Adam Bradley  If You Build It, They Will Come: The snBench Architecture PDF 
May 13, 2005 Azer Bestavros  snBench: The Sensor Network Programming Workbench PDF 
March 18, 2005 Greg Morrisett Implementing a Garbage Collector in Cyclone  
February 11, 2005 Gary Wong Motes/Sensor net programming (Part 2) URL 
February 4, 2005 Gary Wong Motes/Sensor net programming (Part 1) URL 
March 29, 2004 Ibrahim Matta  Traffic Controllers as Building Blocks: Toward Safely Composing New Network Services PDF 
March 29, 2004 Azer Bestavros Controllers as Typed Gadgets PDF 
May 1, 2003 Hongwei Xi Facilitating Program Verification with Dependent Types PDF 
April 10, 2003 Rich West An Operating Systems Perspective on Cyclone PDF 
March 24, 2003 Adam Bradley Systematic Verification of Safety Properties of Arbitrary Network Protocol Compositions Using CHAIN PDF 
February 27, 2003 Assaf Kfoury What types are good for? Programming with Safety, with Secrecy and Integrity PDF 
February 14, 2003 Rich West Using Memory-safe Programming Languages in an Architecture for Safe Extensible System Services  
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