IB Business and Management Course Syllabus


Instructor: Ms. Marlo Mitchem

Room: 2.11




COURSE DESCRIPTION: Business and Management is a Group 3 subject and as such the focus is the developing of critical thinking, analytical and decision making skills in relation to individuals and groups. In particular the course focuses on these skills and ideas in an international business environment.

The purpose of the course is to develop an understanding of business theory and principals and to apply this knowledge in a variety of practical business situations whilst using skills specifically required to understand the complex nature of the world of business both general specific.

In addition to satisfying the aims and objectives of Group 3 subjects, Business and Management has specific aims and objectives which underpin the course at both SL and HL. These include:

·         The promotion of the importance of cultural perspectives, and social and ethical awareness

·         Developing a holistic view of the world of business

·         Developing skills in critical thinking and decision-making

·         Appreciation and understanding of the effect and necessity of change at all levels of business

·         Understanding the concepts of operating in a global market.


Business and Management is especially inclusive of the ideas of international-mindedness as students explore the topics at a global level. Case studies will allow students to consider how business operate in a variety of national markets, how they respond to the specific needs of different cultural factors and the global nature of business reflected in the use of internet and web-based products and markets. An understanding of the requirements of both the national business laws and international business laws, and a variety of individual international markets will introduce students to a new level of international-mindedness and a unique understanding of globalization in business.




Arrive to class on time and prepared.


Complete all homework on time and to the best of your ability.


Frequently check the IB Business and Management website.


Actively participate in class each day.



Year 1/Grade 11


Topic 1: Business organization and environment

·         Nature of business activity

·         Types of organization

·         Organizational objectives

·         Stakeholders

·         External environment

·         Organizational planning tools

·         Growth and evolution

·         Change and the management of change (HL only)

·         Globalization


Topic 2: Human resources

·         Human resource planning

·         Organizational structure

·         Communication

·         Leadership and management

·         Motivation

·         Organizational and corporate cultures (HL only)

·         Employer and employee relations (HL only)

·         Crisis management and contingency planning (HL only)


Topic 3: Accounts and finance

·         Sources of finance

·         Investment appraisal

·         Working capital

·         Budgeting (HL only)

·         Final accounts

·         Ratio analysis


Topic 4: Marketing

·         The role of marketing

·         Marketing planning

·         Product

·         Price

·         Promotion

·         Place (distribution)

·         International marketing

·         E-commerce


Year 2/Grade 12


Review grade 11 content


Topic 5: Operations management

·         Production methods

·         Costs and revenues

·         Break-even analysis

·         Quality assurance

·         Location

·         Innovation (HL only)

·         Production planning

·         Project management (HL only)


Topic 6: Business strategy (HL only)

·         Stage 1: Strategic analysis

·         Stage 2: Strategic choice

·         Stage 3: Strategic implementation


Summative assessment preparation

·         Internal Assessment

·         Revision


GRADES:  All work is assessed against the IB criteria for the Business and Management course on the 1-7 scale.  Homework is an integral part of the learning process, particularly in the IB Diploma program, and as such, it is regularly assessed.  Below you will find the grade breakdown for this course.


Homework:  15%


Quizzes: 25%


Exams: 35 %


Mock/Internal Assessments: 25%




External Assessment


Paper 1 based on a case study covering all topics, issued in advance

SL Sections A and B                    50 Marks,            1 1/4 hours           35%

HL Section A, B and C                 80 Marks,            2 1/4 hours           40%


Section A: Students answer two of three structured questions. (30 marks)

Section B: Students answer one compulsory structured question including evaluative skills. (20 marks)

Section A and section B are common to both HL and SL students.

Section C: (HL only) students answer one compulsory question focusing on strategic decision-making through the use of extension material. (30 marks)

Paper 2 response to stimulus covering all topics

SL Sections A and B                     60 Marks            1 3/4 hours           40%

HL Sections A and B                     75 Marks            2 1/4 hours           35%


Section A: Students answer one of two structured questions based on stimulus material with a quantitative element.(HL 25 marks  and SL 20 marks )

Section B: Students answer two of three structured questions based on stimulus material. (HL 50 marks, SL 40 Marks)

Internal Assessment

SL Written Commentary choice of topic from core syllabus

                                                      25 Marks           15 hours                 25%


Written commentary based on three to five supporting documents about a real issue or problem facing a particular organization. (Maximum 1,500 words) (25 marks)

HL Research project choice of topic from the HL syllabus

                                                      25 Marks            30 hours                 25%


Report that addresses an issue facing an organization or analyses a decision to be made by an organization. (Maximum 2,000 words) (25 marks)


Business and Management for the IB Diploma by Peter Stimpson and Alex Smith, Cambridge University Press


Business and Management Course Companion by Paul Clark, Oxford University Press




IB Business and Management, Paul Hoang, IBID Press


A-Z handbook 6th Edition Business Studies, D. Lines, Philip Allen.


The Economist


The Wall Street Journal


Business Week


The Financial Times