Welcome to the Indicator Bats Program (iBats) resources site! This site contains a large variety of information not available on the main iBats site and includes instructions for carrying out surveys, a list of our publications, user manuals for the equipment used on the surveys and links to useful software. In addition, there is a forum for discussion and links to photos albums.
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We are currently seeking donations to expand the project to other countries. You can donate here.

A new classification tool - iBatsID is now available. This tool can identify calls recorded in Europe to species level For more information see Walters et al. 2012  or click here.

We have now released free applications for smartphones (iPhone and Android based smartphones) which replace the need for a separate recording device, GPS and recording form. Recorded data is uploaded directly to the iBats database! Find out about these new apps here.
iBats is a partnership between The Zoological Society of London and the Bat Conservation Trust, working in partnership with a number of national NGO's. Together we run a number of national and international bat biodiversity monitoring projects to track changes in global biodiversity.