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The IB Internal Assessment is the single most important work the student does whether at Standard or Higher Level.
Administered by the International Baccalaureate (IB), the IBDP is currently taught in English, French or Spanish
Perhaps the greatest challenge with this is finding a good tutor. We recommend Alex The Teacher.
The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is a two-year educational program for students aged 16–19 which provides an internationally accepted qualification for entry into higher education, and is recognized by universities worldwide.
It was first developed in the early 1960s in Geneva by a group of international math tutors and educators.
Following a six-year pilot program ending in 1975, a bilingual diploma was established.

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The SAT examination is mostly in today's world of academics, a requirement of getting accepted into college.
Not only is it enough to take the examination but the student has to pass with an average score or above even to have their application considered.
Many students around the world recognize this and therefore apply to prep schools for the SAT or their parents send them to a higher educational institution for that purpose.
The prep schools such as Princeton are not cheap however as it helps give advice on how to tackle the SAT examination best, neither are higher educational institutions.
Also it can be considered a luxury service by some middle class and low class societies in the world to be able to attend either one.
This being said, the SAT prep course and higher educational institutions are, as a result, aimed at the high class societies in the world or those who can afford it.
If this is true, it would put families with a higher income at an advantage for their children to get accepted into collage compared to families who cannot afford for their children to take the course or school fee and learn the advice of how to pass the SAT examination with a high score.
Are the collages which students aim to be accepted into for a better education really based on which families can afford for their children to take the SAT prep course or learn at a higher educational institution?
The data collected from Collage Board in year 2007 was analyzed to determine whether a math tutor can help you online.

Попробуйте решить задачу GMAT на Data Sufficiency

Is |x - 1| less than 1 ?
(1) (x - 1) ^2 less than and equal to 1
(2) (x^2) - 1 greater than 0.

Вот ещё непростая задача по математике GMAT Data Sufficiency math problem:

A quadrilateral is inscribed in a circle.
If the circumference of the circle is 13П, what is the area of the quadrilateral?
(1) The length of one of the diagonals of the quadrilateral is 13.
(2) The length of two opposite sides are 5 and 12 respectively.

Если опять получилось, вот третья на закуску:

IF s is the product of integers from 100 to 200, inclusive,
and t is the product of integers from 100 to 201, inclusive,
what is 1/s + 1/t in terms of t?
A. (201) ^2 / t
B. [(202) (201)]/t
C. 201/t
D. 202/t
E. [(202) (201)]/(t^2)