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Advisor FAQ

Q: How do I attend a regional meeting? 
A: check the regional meetings link here and contact the person listed for your area. If no regional is offered in your area, you could start a new regional. For information regarding a regional meetings contact 

Q: How should students prepare for a regional meeting?
A: This depends on your regional and the procedures of that regional. Some require students to come with a prepared paper, while others prepare the paper solely at the regional. At a minimum students should read the background guides provided here, and conduct further research into their assigned topic.

Q: What should students wear at the symposium?
A: Students should wear western business clothing to include, shirt and tie, blouses, blazers, trousers, skirts (at above knee length or longer), dresses. See image below:

Q: Do we need to bring provide our own name tags?
A: Yes. Please prepare name tags that include a delegate's full name and your school name.

Q: Should students bring laptops to the symposium?
A: Yes. Students should bring laptops or tablet computers so that they can access their committee's shared Google Doc.

Q: Where should we park for the symposium?
A: Busses and vans can be parked in a lot on the west side of the capitol building. There is a circle drive on the west side of the capitol where students can be dropped off to enter the building. You can find a parking map HERE.

Q: What do advisors do during the symposium?
A: You are free to watch and listen in on topic discussions or you can find a place to sit and work through the day such as the entrance lobby area or in the library. 

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