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NameUniversityRegionsInterestsContact Info
NameUniversityRegionsInterestsContact Info
Aadil Zubair Aligarh Muslim University Upper Yamuna-Ganga Doab Settlement Patterns adilz-at-ymail-dot-com 
Abdul Rashid Lone University of Delhi Kashmir Valley Early Historic Kashmir rashidlone2000-at-gmail-dot-com 
Alison Carter University of Wisconsin - Madison South Asia, Southeast Asia Interactions between South Asia and Southeast Asia  akcarter-at-wisc-dot-edu 
Alka Barthwal Pant HNBG University Srinagar Garhwal Uttarakhand Bone Pathology, Excavation, Isotopic Investigation alka-dot-barthwal-at-gmail-dot-com 
Amrita Sarkar Deccan College Postgraduate & Research University South Asia, at present Rajasthan in India Protohistory of South Asia, origin and spread of agriculture, reconstructing past society with help of material culture specially pottery, cultural development of the early farming societies in India amritjoy-at-gmail-dot-com 
Anamika GogoiI Duarah Gauhati University Northeast India Survival of Prehistoric traditions, Changes and variations ruli_duarah-at-yahoo-dot-com 
Andre Jawaharlal Nehru University North-East India Prehistory  
Andrea Canini  South Asia, India Collaborative archaeology, trade and exchange, culture contact and colonialism, anthropology of food, social theory andrea.canini-at-gmail-dot-com 
Ankita Shukla Delhi Institute of Heritage Research and Management, GGSIPU North and Western India Settlement patterns in early historic north India, art history, neolithic, epigraphy and numismatics ankita_shukla2000-at-yahoo-dot-com 
Aokumla Walling Nagaland University Northeast India Reconstruction of the oral history, ethnoarchaeology, public archaeology  
Aparajita Bhattacharya Jawaharlal Nehru University Central India  Art and archaeology of central India, 4th-6th C. AD temple architecture , iconography and religious formations  apujnu-dot-b-at-gmail-dot-com 
Aprajita Sharma Assam University, Silchar India Chinese Porcelain in India, Ancient Maritime Trade  
Arati Deshpande-Mukherjee  Deccan College  Pune , India  Zooarchaeology, Coastal archaeology Department of Archaeology, Deccan College, Pune, India 
Ashish Kumar Jawaharlal Nehru University South Asia, Indian Subcontinent Trade and commerce, Socio-cultural studies, Ancient Indian History marrinejnu-at-gmail-dot-com 
Astha Dibyopama Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute, Pune  Western Rajasthan, India Site Catchment Analysis of Balathal, Archeology of Jodhpur District Rajasthan, Rang Mahal Culture  astha2sep-at-gmail-dot-com 
Barbra Wagner Macquarie University/Univeristy of Sydney/University of Southern Queensland/University of New England  Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, North Western Austalia The 'transmigration' of ancient peoples DOWN the archipelago from Asia to North Western Australia  barbra-dot-wagner-at-dpc-dot-nsw-dot-gov-dot-au 
Bhavyashree.R Bangalore University North East india Sub-altern studies, prehistory, folk tradition Bhavyaashreer-at-gmail-dot-com 
Bina Gandhi Deori Visva-Bharati University South East Asia Archaeology, Ethnoarchaeology, Cultural studies bina.gandhiATvisva-bharatiDOTacDOTin 
Birendra Nath Prasad BB Ambedkar Central University, Lucknow Bihar and Bengal Archaeology of Religion, Early Historic Urbanisation bp2628-at-yahoo-dot-com 
Carla Lancelotti University of Cambridge, UK India, Pakistan, Iran Archaeobotany (wood charcoal and phytoliths), Use of natural resources, Human impact on the environment, Complex societies  cl379-at-cam-dot-ac-dot-uk  
Charusmita Surendra Gadekar Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara. Gujarat Lithic tools during Chalcolithic periods doyaldua-at-gmail-dot- com 
C V Sharada Deccan College PGRI Pune currently Haryana Site formation process, archaeozoology, taphonomy, animal motifs, folk culture, experimental archaeology sharada.cv9-at-gmail-dot-com 
Deeksha Bhardwaj University of Delhi South Asia History & Practice of Archaeology in south Asia, Gender Archaeology, Archaeology of religion & ritual, Ethnoarchaeology deeksha-dot-du-at-gmail-dot-com 
Deepak K. Nair Jawaharlal Nehru University North India, esp. Ganga-Yamuna plains and sutlej-Yamuna plains. The Ochre coloured Pottery Culture, Harappan and Late Harappan. 2deepaknair-at-gmail-dot-com  
Dinithi Wijesuriya University of Kelaniya Sri Lanka Industrial Archaeology dinithiws-at-yahoo-dot-com 
Doyel Banerjee Calcutta University South and Southeast Asia, West Bengal, Eastern India and Japan Site catchment analysis, landscape archaeology, settlement archaeology  
Dr. Bratati Sen The Asiatic of Bengal, Kolkata Harappan Archaeology Pottery, Harappan Artifacts bratimsu-at-gmail-dot-com 
Dr. Buddhini Wijesuriya  South Asia Colonial intervention in Asia particularly South and Southeast Asia buddhini100-at-yahoo-dot-com 
Dr. Padmanabha Konkondala Dept of Archaeology & Museums, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh Historical archaeology, art history. Historical archaeology, cultural archaeology, architecture. Assistant Director (Technical), 410, Bharadwaja Complex, Gaddiannaram, Dilshuknagar, Hyderabad-500060 
Dr. Preeta Nayar Kerala Council For Historical Research, Kerala South India Iconography and Bead study  
Dr. Quinbala Marak North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, Meghalaya, India North-East India Ethnoarchaeology, Lithics, Megaliths, Experimental Archaeology qmarak-at-gmail-dot-com 
Dr.Shushmita Sen Pramanik The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda Ancient Indian Studies Epigraphy & Numismatics study, Trade & socio- cutlural contact, Art, Architecture & Iconography, Terracotta 9909902849 
Dulma Karunarathna  University of Peradeniya  South Asia  Art History, Encient Built Environment, Social Archaeology of Gender, Craft & Technology  kdulma-at-yahoo-dot-com 
Garima Kaushik Archaeological Survey of India South Asia Buddhism, Gender Archaeology, Archeology of religion garimakshat-at-rediffmail-dot-com 
Gunjan Verma   Archaeology, Numismatics gunjan-dot-260484-at-gmail-dot-com 
Gwen Kelly University of Wisconsin, Madison Tamil Nadu, South India Iron Age, Megalithic, Technology, Ceramics, Beads, Hierarchy and social difference gokelly-at-wisc-dot-edu 
Harini Seshadri  South India, specifically Tamil Nadu  The socio-economic, political, conditions of different periods, using literature, art and inscriptions.  harinisesh-at-gmail-dot-com  
Heather O'Connor University of Wisconsin, Madison India, Pakistan, SE Arabia Iron Age, Archaeomalacology, Cross-regional interactions  hoconnor-at-wisc-dot-edu 
Heather Walder University of Wisconsin, Madison India, Pakistan Ashokan edicts, Craft technology hwalder-at-wisc-dot-edu 
Himanshu Prabha Ray  Jawaharlal Nehru University South and Southeast Asia Archaeology of Religion, History of Archaeology, Maritime Archaeology  rayhimanshuprabha-at-gmail-dot-com 
Jaya Menon Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India North and Northwest India Bronze Age and Early Historic Technology jayamenon2000-at-gmail-dot-com 
Julie A. Hanlon University of Chicago  South India and Sri Lanka, Southeastern Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh Early Historic Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Inter- regional trade and interaction, Urbanization and state formation, Maritime Archaeology, Economic Anthropology jhanlon-at-uchicago-dot-edu 
Kanika Kalra University of California Los Angeles India Pottery analysis, surface survey kanikak-at-ucla-dot-edu 
Kathleen Morrison University of Chicago South India, Maldives, Andaman and Nicobar, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Western India, western North America  Agriculture, Food, Landscape, Power, Botanical analysis, stable isotope analysis, Imperialism, Hunting and gathering, Irrigation  morrison-at-uchicago-dot-edu 
Katie E. Lindstrom University of Wisconsin, Madison India and Pakistan Indus Civilization kelindst-at-wisc-dot-edu 
Kelly Wilcox University of Chicago India, Egypt Faunal Analysis, Chiefdoms, Complex societies kelwil-at-umich-dot-edu 
Kuenga Wangmo Cambridge University Bhutan/Himalayas Prehistoric and medieval archaeology of the region kuenga-at-gmail-dot-com 
KumKum Bandyopadhyay University of Calcutta Eastern India, North India Historical Archaeology, Art and Iconography  
Mallika Mehra Delhi University India Indian history mallika-dot-mehra26-at-gmail-dot-com 
Mamta Dwivedi Jawaharlal Nehru University South Asia The interdependence between Numismatics, Archaeology and History dwivedimamta-at-gmail-dot-com 
Manoj Kr. Mukherjee Visva Bharati University Bihar, West Bengal, Bangladesh Cultural History of Eastern India manojkrmukherjee-at-gmail-dot-com 
Manoj Kumar  Himalayan Region Ethno- Archaeological Study of Neolithic Culture manojk-dot-arch-at-gmail-dot-com 
Megan Merry McCormick Hunter College, CUNY South, Central, & SW Asia, current emphasis on Rajasthan Gender in Prehistory, ROC, Pottery Analysis, Animal Domestication/Textile Production, Women & Warfare mmccor-at-hunter-dot-cuny-dot-edu 
Melathi Saldin University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka  Sri Lanka, South East Asia  Megalithic burials, Malay Diaspora studies  melathi-at-kln-dot-ac-dot-lk  
M.Prabakaran University of Madras  Inscription murugaprabu74-at-gmail-dot-com 
M. Valantina Tamil University Tamil Nadu Inscriptions, History of Women, Sculptures valant932-at-gmail-dot-com 
Namita Sugandhi  Karnataka, Rajasthan Empires, early networks of interaction, site preservation, ceramic analysis namitasugandhi-at-gmail-dot-com 
Neha Dhavale Deccan College Post Graduate Research Institute, Pune, Maharashtra.  Anthropology, Human Skeletal studies, Bioarchaeology nehadhavale03-at-gmail-dot-com 
Nisha Sawant Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute Mumbai or Metropolitan Cities Industrial Archaeology amrapaliamrapali-at-gmail-dot-com 
Nivita Kakria  Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh  nivitak-at-gmail-dot-com 
Nupur Tiwari DIHRM  Settlement Archaeology, numismatics, prehistory, Human evolution, anthropology nupurtiwari05-at-gmail-dot-com 
Patty Hamrick New York University South Asia, Indus Civilization Social Identity, Urbanism, Personal Ornaments, Complex Societies   
Pinki Priya GGSIPU Indian Archaeology ppriyav02-at-gmail-dot-com 
Pragnya Prasanna   South India Neolithic, ceramics  pragnya1981-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-in  
Pranjal Garg JRN Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University India, mainly Rajasthan & Gujarat  Chalcolithic Cultures, Ancient Indian cultural studies pranjal02-at-gmail-dot-com 
Preetee Sharma Jawaharlal Nehru University North Eastern India Ceramics and Archaeology of Religion and Rituals preetee_sharma2006-at-yahoo-dot-com 
Prerana Srimaal Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi North and East India Gender archaeology, Household archaeology, Ethnoarchaeology, Ceramic analysis  srimaal-dot-prerana-at-gmail-dot-com  
Priya Kulkarni Deccan College, Pune Konkan (Maharashtra) Ancient Water Management Systems, Palaeohydrology, Art and Architecture priks82-at-gmail-dot-com 
Rachel A. Varghese Erasmus Mundus Programme (European Commission) Kerala, South India, Indian Ocean  Trade and Communication, Maritime trade, Iron Age andMegalithism  aluva2-at-gmail-dot-com 
Radhika Gopal  India, currently Karnataka Cultural Archaeology, Temple Architecture & sculpture  k-dot-radhikagopal-at-gmail-dot-com 
Rajeev Kumar Jawaharlal Nehru University South Asia Borders and Cultures rajeev6jnu-at-gmail-dot-com 
Rajeswari V. Tamil University, Thanjavur Tamil Nadu Iron Age Culture in Tamil Nadu artrajram-at-gmail-dot-com 
Ranjith Kumar Varre Jawaharlal Nehru University Amaravathi Landscape Archaeology ranjith.roy2006-at-gmail-d0t-com 
Risha Lee Columbia University Tamil Nadu, India Architecture, Sculpture, Urban Layout  rishalee-at-yahoo-dot-com 
Ritika Sahu Jawaharlal Nehru University North-East India Neolithic  
Roberta Tomber British Museum  South Asia  Indian Ocean, trade/economy, pottery (including scientific analysis)   
Sailendra Kumar Swain Sambalpur University Orissa Cultural Resource Management of Sun Temple, Konark sailswain-at-gmail-dot-com 
Sajeda Yusuf Muminunnisa Govt Women's College, Mymensingh South East Asia Colonial Zamindar artifacts in Bangladesh  sajedayusuf-at-gmail-dot-com 
Savitha Gokulraman Rutgers University Tamil Nadu Iron Age, Megalithic Architecture, Ethnoarcheology in the Nilgiris   
S.B.Darsana Tamil University Tamil Nadu and Kerala Megaliths, Antiquarian, landscape archaeology, Literature, traditions and archaeology darsanasio-at-gmail-dot-com 
Shagun Raina University of Wisconsin - Madison  South Asia, East Asia Heritage management; GIS; Networks of culture; Language and trade in Asia sraina-at-wisc-dot-edu 
Shahnaj Husne Jahan University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) South and Southeast Asia Field archaeology, Buddhist archaeology, maritime archaeology, Indian Ocean trade, Islamic art and architecture adri_12002-at-yahoo-dot-com 
Shanti Pappu  Sharma Centre for Heritage Education, Chennai/Pune  South India  Prehistory, Ethnoarchaeology, History of Archaeology, Public Archaeology and museology  pappu-dot-shanti-at-gmail-dot-com  
Sharmistha Chatterjee University of Calcutta, Department of Arcaheology Eastern India, Northern India Early Medieval, Medieval, Ceramics, GIS   
Shela Mary Jawaharlal Nehru University India   
Shobhna Iyer Jawaharlal Nehru University South Asia Trade archaeology, gender archaeology shobhna-dot-iyer-at-gmail-dot-com 
Shreyanjana Bhattacherjee Jawaharlal Nehru University Bengal, Uttar Pradesh Archaeology of religion, Terracotta figurines shreyanjana.bhattacherjee-at-gmail-dot-com 
Smita S. Geedh Deccan College, Post Graduate & Research Institute, Pune  Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra in India Pottery & Ceramic Technology, Art & Architecture, Experimental Archaeology   
Smriti Haricharan Anna University, Chennai South India, India Geoarchaeology, Megaliths, Iron Age smritimarchforth-at-gmail-dot-com 
Sneh Patel New York University Indus Sites Ceramics, Trade, Identity, Late harappan studies  sp1700-at-nyu-dot-edu  
Sonali Gupta-Agarwal UCLA Egypt, India Pottery, cultural transmission, Indian Ocean rim trade, Early historic period, Roman trade, religion, ethnoarhaeology sangla55-at-gmail-dot-com 
Sonam Spalzin Bangkolok Archaeological Survey of India Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir Prehistory, Buddhist Archaeology and spatial analysis of archaeological sites/ monuments spaaal18-at-gmmail-dot-com 
Soumi Sengupta Deccan College, PGRI, Pune Madhya Pradesh, Vidarbha Pre and Proto History soumisengupta122-at-gmail-dot-com 
Supriya Varma Jawaharlal Nehru University Kathiwad and the upper Ganga plains Landscape and Social Archaeology varma-dot-supriya-at-gmail-dot-com 
Tanusree Pandit Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute Central India Middle Paleolithic, Human Origins tanusree2-at-gmail-dot-com 
T. Arun Raj  South India (particularly ancient Tamil Nadu) & Srilanka  Megalithic & Indo-Roman Trade  arunrajarch-at-gmail-dot-com  
Tejal Nitin Ruikar Deccan College Postgraduate & Research Institute Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Maharashtra Harappan Civilization and related topics truikar-at-gmail-dot-com 
Tejaswini Aphale  Yet to decide specifically Architectural conservation, Preventative conservation, archaeological mapping, GIS, documentation and assessment of heritage structures and arcaheological sites, iconography tejas-dot-aphale-at-gmail-dot-com 
Teresa P. Raczek University of New Hampshire  Rajasthan, North India Collaborative archaeology, Oral history, Early complex societies, Community, Technology, Lithics, Ahar-Banas, Third-millennium   
Uthara Suvarathan University of Michigan India, Karnataka Landscape, Religion, States on the periphery  uthara-at-umich-dot-edu 
Uzma Z. Rizvi Pratt Institute South Asia, Near East  urizvi-at-pratt-dot-edu 
Vasanthi Srinivasan Tamil Nadu State Department of Archaeology, Government of Tamil Nadu South India  Early Historical study of Tamil Nadu, Art History and Conservation  sreevasanthi-at-gmail-d0t-com 
Veena Mushrif-Tripathy Department of Archaeology, Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute, Pune 411 006 India Human Skeletal Biologist, Specialization in Palaeopathology and Dental morphology vmushrif-at-gmail-dot-com 
Vinayak Jawaharlal Nehru University Indus-gangetic and Gangetic Plains (North India) Interested in Economic History  vinayakinramjas-at-gmail-dot-com 
Vishi Upadhyay Nagpur University Hinduism Numismatics and Iconography vishi-dot-arch-at-gmail-dot-com 
Wangjin Wangru Jawaharlal Nehru University North-East India Megaliths and Material culture of North East India wangjinwang24-at-gmail-dot-com 
Yathees Kumar Pondicherry University Archaeology of Amaravathi River Valley  Archaeology of Amaravathi River Valley  +91 9573398400  
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