Near real-time volcanic cloud data

Sulfur dioxide (SO2) and aerosols

OMI (UV) from NOAA:

OMI (UV) Very Fast Delivery (VFD) volcanic products from the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI): (available within 15 minutes of the OMI overpass for the North Atlantic)

GOME-2 (UV) from NOAA:


GOME-2 (UV) from DLR:

IASI (IR) from ULB:

AIRS (IR) from NOAA:

High-resolution Absorbing Aerosol Index (AAI) from GOME-2:

A-Train data

MODIS Rapid Response (NASA GSFC):

CALIPSO lidar expedited browse images:

CloudSat Quicklook images (Colorado State):

MODIS Direct Broadcast products from Sodankylä (Finland):

Other useful sites

Operational SO2 data from OMI (NASA GSFC):

Geostationary satellite image browser (SSEC - Univ Wisconsin Madison):

GOES East and West (NOAA/Colorado State Univ):

USGS VolcView (AVHRR, MODIS, GOES, and MTSAT for the North Pacific):

Latest volcanic ash advisories from all VAACs:

Washington VAAC:

Real-time NEXRAD weather radar (USA only):

Global radiosonde soundings (Univ Wyoming):

NASA Goddard Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO) Wx Forecasts:

MODIS Thermal IR hotspots (MODVOLC - Univ Hawaii):

Smithsonian Institution Global Volcanism Program and USGS weekly volcanic activity report: